The Solebury School Crest

The four symbols that make up the school seal are imbued with meaning:

The acorn and oak leaf represent the idea that small things can have big impacts, that something with the strength to last for years, for decades, often has small beginnings. These massive oak trees got their start from an acorn, just as this school grew from a simple idea and a few students 90 years ago. Becoming fluent in a foreign language can begin with studying vocabulary for a few minutes a day; self-confidence can grow when we take the small step to try something new, like an art class or club; a person's day, and by extension their life, can be changed by a small gesture. When we make small and positive actions, and when we have patience and perseverance, we can create tremendous growth for our communities and for ourselves.

The plow represents the idea of stewardship and cultivation. If we want something to grow and flourish, we must give it our care and energy – whether that be a school, a family, a government, a piece of land, or a friendship. Each of us has a responsibility to nurture the things around us that allow our lives to be fulfilling. We each must be the cultivators, the intelligent farmers, of our communities and of our own lives.

The beaver represents the idea that it is often necessary to work hard and to push ourselves to accomplish things even when they are challenging. We grow as people, we move institutions forward, and we help our society improve when we are willing to confront head on that which is difficult.

Our highest goal in living and learning is not wealth or power or rising above others. Our highest goal is wisdom. The owl represents our aspiration for wisdom. Gaining wisdom is not simply a matter of accumulating knowledge. We strive to learn how we can use knowledge to improve the quality of our lives and the health of our communities. Starting in the fall of 2017, the owl will fly around the country and the world with our Admissions Department, in search of new students for the 2018-2019 school year! Follow her journey at #whatshouldschoolbe...