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Why Solebury?

  • Solebury School is intentionally small because we deeply believe that all members of our community should be known and heard.

  • Our students are engaged in a challenging curriculum, yet they are encouraged to maintain a balance in their lives. This begins with prioritizing their health and wellness. Solebury prepares students to not only be successful in college, but to be leaders for life.

  • Our campus is a place where teachers and students spend time together beyond the classroom — discussing material from classes, chatting about news and world affairs, planning a club's next project, eating lunch together or tossing a frisbee after school. This time together fosters broader and deeper learning.

  • Solebury School isn't satisfied with simply having a diverse community; rather, we ensure that we have a diverse community where everyone feels comfortable and valued.

  • Every student is appreciated for who they are and what they can contribute. Students are continuously challenged to discover their talents and passions and to maximize their natural gifts in and out of the classroom.

  • Our beautiful, 90-acre campus in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, has provided generations of students and teachers with equal measures of serenity and inspiration.

Why Solebury? Mainly because there is a difference between doing well and thriving, and no one should settle for the former.

"At Solebury School, I was able to meet outstanding people - fellow students, teachers, coaches, administrators - who challenged and encouraged me. These are people I will always admire and will work hard to keep in my life. They have all given me the tools to face my future with confidence and to dream about making a difference." —WILL HOLSTROM '10

"Solebury is a place where the math geek is also the jock, and the rocker is also the theater kid. It isn’t your stereotypical high school by any means, and I am so thankful for that." —CAROL WRIGHT '16

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