Musings From Tom

  • Connections...

    Mid-afternoon on Friday, Robin Aipel arrived on her tractor, pulling a manure spreader. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

  • Endings and Beginnings…

    It's 96 degrees out as I capture these thoughts. Now past the halfway point of summer and like a bicyclist who has crested a hill and now accelerates back down, it feels like we are hurtling toward the beginning of a new school year. I’m still in that in-between place, thinking about the recently concluded year while making plans for the new one just ahead.

  • Spring Has Arrived At Solebury

    Some ninety years ago, when the four founders crafted the idea of Solebury School, they were intent on translating much of what they had learned at the summer camp where they were counselors (Camp Marienfeld in New Hampshire) into an educational setting.

  • Tom's New Old Table

    Table and Desk

    Above my head, hanging on the wall in my office, is a picture of Solebury’s Herbert Boyd Dining Hall sometime before 1968 - the Dining Hall before the one we enjoy today. The picture shows a mismatched collection of tables and chairs (Are we surprised? It is Solebury). In the foreground is one particular table that dominates both the picture and the dining hall.

  • A Day of Mixed Emotions

    On Friday morning, one of our seniors, Nick, screamed with joy as he ran down the sidewalk, yelling to any and all that he was going to Boston University. Throughout the nation for those who chose to apply to college through the Early Decision/Action process, this was THE DAY – they would hear if the next step in their educational journey had been decided.

  • Giving Tuesday

    As we emerge from the wonderful warmth of the Thanksgiving holiday, we are greeted by “days”: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday. And I just learned of a new one today – Giving Tuesday.

  • After the Storm

    Sunday night we were gathered in our living room, tending to the fire, wondering if we had enough wood left to get through the night. I’d checked our bottled water supply and it seemed okay. Two dogs and a cat where huddled on the couch with Rebecca seeking warmth.....

  • Reflections from a lost week

    Well, not 'lost' in most senses of the word, but certainly five teaching days lost, and counting.

  • A Week of Championship and Celebration

    Each year the journey from the beginning of the school year to graduation unfolds mostly unremarkably, with some highs and lows along the way. And when one looks back and reflects, you can almost always identify a couple of weeks that approach a magical plateau – a mix of joy and fun, of accomplishment and lessons, a time where the connective tissues binding hard work and outcomes are easily observed.

  • Making A Difference in the World

    Sitting in the train station in Boston waiting to return home from a few days of travel after visiting with some of several of our alumni in New England, I was sipping a venti cappuccino and reading the newspaper. I was alone in my world when a man approached me and asked if I could help him with the purchase of a subway ticket. I reflexively said no and returned to reading. In a quiet voice he said "you don't have to give me cash, I just need a ticket." I politely said no, broke eye contact and he walked away.