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Implicit in Solebury’s philosophy is our goal to engage and excite kids about learning. We want students turned on by ideas, committed to their passions, and encouraged by teachers. When this happens in the classroom, all sorts of opportunities open up for students, not the least of which is access to the most competitive colleges.

Solebury’s curriculum is academically demanding, has incredible breadth, and addresses the different needs and abilities of our students in creative and innovative ways. Our approach to academics is rigorous, but it's also caring and supportive. We have an unusual depth of opportunity for academically talented students here. Students can choose from the two dozen Honors and AP courses, develop Independent Studies, and ultimately even pursue a Senior Project. In addition, we also have about 100 demanding and challenging trimester and full-year courses that are uncommon at the high school level.

Our small size is an important factor in creating an environment in which academic excellence is prized and possible for a wide range of students. With a faculty/student ratio of one to six and an average class size of 11, our teachers have time to learn the best way to reach each student. We believe this closeness makes students more willing to work because they are known as individuals rather than a nameless face in a crowd of students. At Solebury, excellence is demanded and the means is provided to achieve it.

Summer 2016 Work and Reading Lists

If you're taking a World Language in the fall, please consult our list of World Language Placement Tests to see if you need to take one this summer.

Academic Bulletin 2016-2017

You can also download and print the Academic Bulletin 2016-2017 (PDF).

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