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The Founders Library









The Founders Library offers the Solebury School community a wide array of resources both on campus and on the web.

The librarian routinely collaborates with the faculty to help students learn how to research and use the library effectively.

Contact Head Librarian Hanna Elliot for more information.

Further Highlights of our Library

  • More than 14,000 books, reference materials and video/DVDs
  • Access to nearly any book through Pennsylvania’s Interlibrary Loan Program
  • The Mariella Sundstrom Art History Reference Collection
  • Twenty ( 20) computers and wireless access for students with their own laptops.
  • Students are welcome to the library any time during school hours.
  • The library can be opened over the weekend by arrangement with the faculty on duty.
  • Fifty-two ( 52) subscriptions to periodicals and newspapers, including French and Spanish language publications.
  • Twenty-two ( 22) online database and online reference subscriptions, ranging from those specifically for middle school students to those used in colleges and universities. All are accessible from both on and off campus.
Our Current Databases Include:

New Book of Knowledge 



Encyclopedia Americana

Power Library

Gale Global Issues in Context

Oxford Art

Gale History Resource Center

Oxford English Dictionary

Gale Opposing Viewpoints

Oxford Language Dictionaries 

Grolier Lands and Peoples

Oxford Music

Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedias           

Oxford Reference 

Grolier Online

SIRS Knowledge Source

Grolier World Geography

United Streaming Videos


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