Teach2Serve Program


Solebury School is pleased to announce a partnership with the newly formed non-profit, Teach2Serve, which was created to educate and inspire the next generation of public servants, NGO leaders and social innovators. Students who complete this program will graduate from high school equipped with an effective set of leadership and social entrepreneurial skills. 

This program is consistent with the values and respect for all humankind that Solebury has always promoted and will put the school at the forefront of public service education for high school students. Solebury School piloted the program and developed a model that Teach2Serve hopes will be adopted by a network of schools across the nation. Diane Downs serves as director of the program at the school.

Solebury School will award participating students Teach2Serve's Public Service Certificate based on a rigorous curriculum of experiential learning. Each spring, applications are accepted from ninth and tenth grade students, and those who are admitted into this selective program begin classes the following fall. The first year of the program consists of summer reading, an honors level class on social entrepreneurship, workshops with guest speakers, the development and execution of a group service project, community service, and a summer internship. Students who demonstrate the passion, independence, and tenacity necessary to develop and execute a personal capstone service project are invited to continue for a second year as Teach2Serve Fellows.  Upon completion and presentation of a social change initiative, students are awarded a Teach2Serve Social Entrepreneurship Certificate.  

Teach2Serve supports students at member schools by providing course materials, maintaining an interactive website, networking, offering stipends for required summer internships, and assisting students in their search for colleges where they can continue their study of public service and social change.

"I cannot think of a more appropriate school to partner with the Teach2Serve Program than Solebury," said Tom Wilschutz, Head of School. "As part of our mission, we set the bar high, offering our students a relevant education. What could be more relevant than equipping students with a perspective on the many interconnected challenges facing humanity, inspiring them to engage an issue that interests them and then equipping them with the tools they need to make a difference? Teach2Serve may well prove to be a transformative experience -- for the student involved and for the world these students will inherit."

The program began in September 2010 with the first class, Giving: The Road to Public Service. The course focuses on the history and different philosophies of philanthropy examined through case studies and selected readings. Throughout the year, students also attend workshops run by different social entrepreneurs and community leaders who have established non-profit organizations to address social problems and improve the lives of others.

Teach2Serve and Solebury School share the hope that students who complete this program will commit themselves to social change at home and abroad. For more information about Teach2Serve, visit http://www.teach2serve.org/

Please note:  The 2015-16 application deadline is Friday, March 27, 2015 at 3:15 PM. All applications should be emailed to me at ddowns@solebury.org.