Full Year Program

Between 25 – 30 students are enrolled in the full-year program each year, taking challenging classes to improve their English proficiency. There are four levels of ESL offered: Foundations, Level 1, 2 and 3. Small classes, averaging 7-9 students, provide for individualized instruction, expression of ideas and opinions, and teach the skills required for non-ESL classes. Our program includes:

  • ESL courses in English, Social Studies and Science
  • Emphasis on reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Assistance in study skills and organization
  • AP and Honors courses
  • TOEFL preparation and testing
  • Support for international students in non-ESL classes
  • All English-speaking learning and living environment

The total international experience at Solebury includes both ESL and mainstream classes, conversation partners program, music and the arts, sports and activities, and social and cultural events.

International students have many opportunities to make friends, be leaders, and share experiences with the entire Solebury community.

Solebury's ESL teachers are experienced in teaching English to international students, and they are especially sensitive to the students' need to adapt to living in the United States. The Director of our ESL Program helps students with visas, passports, homestays and any other issues that may arise.


There are only 6 or 7 openings for new students from any one country or foreign language group. This means that some times there are no spaces for new students in the upper grades. Please contact the Admission Office before applying for 11th and 12th grade. Students who are applying for 11th and 12th grade must submit a TOEFL score.

International students have attended our programs from the following countries: Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkino-Faso, Czech Republic, China, Congo, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Lithuania, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Rwanda, Santo Domingo, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Spain, Sudan, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, South Vietnam, and Zaire.

College Placement

In the eleventh grade, students meet with our college counselor to discuss opportunities for college placement. Many college representatives are on campus during the school year, and college visits are also possible. We take great effort in making sure individual students know what their goals are, and then we assist them in finding an appropriate college or university placement where they will be challenged and fulfilled.

"Solebury isn't just a school that provides academic work. Here, I have not only learned English, but also gained many new friends, and have had a chance to grow up enormously. I wouldn't have been able to have this chance in my home country. I like this school and I know everybody would agree that they have also accomplished their goals." —JUN SEOK '06