ESL Program

A Global Experience

Solebury School's English as a Second Language (ESL) Program is a vital part of the school community in which international students are prepared to successfully meet the academic and personal challenges of studying in a foreign country. Students are encouraged to always speak English and express their ideas and opinions openly in order to build strong communication skills with faculty and American students. Assimilation into Solebury’s community is made easier by joining clubs and sports teams, as well as participating in dormitory and weekend activities, and community service trips. Once a level of confidence has been reached, students may then apply for leadership positions in student government, academic areas, and dormitory life, which are essential for admission to a competitive college. To help an international student face these challenges, an advisor is chosen. This advisor, a faculty member of the student's choice, helps to guide them through their Solebury School career, keeping them focused and on target for graduation and fulfilling the role of parents who are half way around the world. It isn't long before students find themselves practicing their English more often and immersed in the American culture in a small, safe environment. It is this experience that spells success!

To accomplish this, Solebury School offers four programs for international students. Each is designed to provide a comprehensive immersion experience. Having these distinct programs allows us to individualize the education each student receives.

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International students have attended our programs from many countries including Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkino-Faso, Czech Republic, China, Congo, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Lithuania, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Spain, Sudan, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia,Turkey, Venezuela, Vietnam, Ukraine, and Zaire.

For more information about Solebury School's ESL Program, please contact the Admissions office.