Learning Skills Program

Solebury School's Learning Skills Program accommodates bright students who are hampered by specific learning differences. The Learning Skills Program is ideally suited for students who require specialized instruction to assist them in unlocking their potential and is administered by a certified Reading Specialist. In a school environment which encourages independent, mature behavior, this program offers the structure some students need.

Highly trained instructors tailor each student's program to his or her individual needs. Students work on organization, study skills, written language skills, and oral communication. Classes may employ multi-sensory Orton and Wilson techniques to teach phonological processing. Instructors, however, are encouraged to use whatever techniques they have learned through their careers, continuing education, and workshops to have an effect on their student’s ability to be successful in the academic environment. The result is that all can expect to improve their reading, writing, language-related skills, and academic performance.

"The Learning Skills support my daughter has received has been everything I had hoped for and everything that was promised. She enjoyed one on one support, tailored to her needs, combined with rigorous yet realistic academic enrichment to strengthen her skills. Additionally, the culture of the school is such that my daughter never felt 'different' for being in Learning Skills. The school's desire to encourage great minds and creative thinkers creates a culture of acceptance that is felt in every classroom. I am happy to say that once 'released' from LS, my daughter has been able to hold her own academically, organizationally, and with confidence."

Solebury Parent 

Learning Skills employs state-of-the-art technology. Computers on the Solebury network allow students to take advantage of the many research tools offered throughout the school. Kurzweil 3000 Scan/Read software is used to help students with reading/decoding problems. Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software is available to assist those with small motor difficulties or insufficient keyboarding skills. Inspiration software is available to assist visual learners with organization.

The Learning Skills Program is limited to 29 students with learning differences. A one-on-one tutorial replaces the students' English class and students spend at least one additional period per day in the Learning Skills building. Although students in this program receive a waiver of the foreign language requirement, they otherwise take the same college-preparatory classes everyone else takes in mathematics, science, history, and the arts. This program requires an additional fee.

For more information about Solebury School's Learning Skills Program, please contact the Admissions office.


"It doesn't matter if students are in the Learning Skills Program or in all honors classes. At Solebury it doesn't make them different, they're still an integral part of the community."