Math Support Program

The Math Support Program (MSP) is comprised of two distinct components. There are support systems for all students, and our Math Support classes for students with Learning Differences or significant difficulties in Math. The goal of this program is to ensure that every student's study of math contains as many opportunities for challenge as possible, while providing the support each needs to succeed.

  • Math Support for All Students - As is true with any subject at Solebury, there are ample resources for students to get help if and when they need it. Faculty office hours and the peer tutoring program are great resources as always; however, students also can visit the MATH CENTER. The coordinator of the MSP and several advanced math students staff the Math Center and are available to work with students. The Math Center has hours every day.
  • Math Support Classes for Students with Math Disabilities or Significant Difficulties with Math - These students have the opportunity to enroll in our Algebraic Concepts I, Geometry Concepts, and Algebraic Concepts II classes. These teach the fundamentals of Algebra and Geometry, thus fulfilling Solebury's graduation requirement for mathematics. To work on conquering the difficulty these students have with math and the anxiety that they often feel about it, the Algebra and Geometry Concepts sections are kept especially small (no more than six students). In addition, they are taught using a more multisensory approach.  Because of the unique staffing structure of these classes, there is a fee for this part of the program. 



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Dr. Jennifer Perez is the Director of
Solebury School's Math Support Program.