The Arts

Since its founding in 1925, Solebury School has been known for its strong art program. Located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a nationally recognized center for artists and artistic expression, Solebury offers students many opportunities to explore their aesthetic sense and develop their skills as artists.

Many among Solebury’s art faculty are and have been professional artists, and countless Solebury graduates have gone on to art schools and to careers in theater, film, television, fine arts, music and art education.

The study and participation in the Arts is an important and integral part of a good and well-rounded education. Our students are required to take six credits in either visual or performing arts for graduation. Most students take as many art classes as their schedule will allow.

Arts Festival

Solebury School celebrates the Arts is its week-long Arts Festival every year. The opening night art show and cabaret night bring the community together in a celebration of both performing and visual arts. Throughout the week, during lunch hour, special art activities are scheduled for students and faculty. At our Tuesday Assembly, students enjoy theatrical and musical performances by well known artists. One day during the week, professional artists, musicians, and performers are invited to offer workshops in their crafts. Several art students over the years have also offered to run their own workshops in the various arts and crafts. It has also become a tradition to invite a local artist to display outdoor sculptures around the campus during Arts Festival week. These sculptures are offered for sale.


Our very popular Coffeehouses take place three times during the year. Students and faculty sing, play music, act, recite poetry, or read a passage from their favorite literary work, in an informal, fun atmosphere.