Visual Arts

Our staff is one of the greatest assets to our program. The Visual Arts faculty are full-time professional artists. They take time out from their studios to offer classes at Solebury.

Meet the Visual Arts Department Staff

Erika Bonner, a professional ceramist, has been the head of the art department since 2006. She teaches Art History, Ceramics, Advanced Ceramics, Sculpture, Printmaking, Introduction to Painting and Drawing and an assortment of rotating classes. She and another teacher are advisors to a group of students who produce and publish the school yearbook each year. Students may choose to work on the yearbook as an after school activity.

Kirby Fredendall , a professional artist, has been at Solebury for seventeen years. She teaches Life Drawing, 2D Design; Elements of Design and Principles of Design, Advanced Painting and Drawing, and Introduction to the Arts.


Rob McHugh, a professional photographer, has been at Solebury since 2004, with a one year sabbatical in 2010-11 to earn his teaching degree in the Italian language. Rob teaches Photography I, Photography II, Photography III, Advanced Photography, and Digital Photography.  

Dickson Sorensen's career as a filmmaker spans three decades working in movies and television where he has garnered awards in the Clios, the Houston International Film Festival, Advertising Age Best and the Detroit Creative Directors Council. He is a member of the Directors Guild of America and the International Cinematographers Guild. Dickson teaches the Digital Filmmaking class.

Our students are required to take six art credits for graduation in either visual or performing arts.

Additionally, our advanced students are offered the opportunity to take an off-campus art course in the nearby studio of two professional artists. These professionals work closely with students to help them develop their skills and techniques.

For serious art students interested in attending art school, Erika Bonner will help them prepare their portfolio presentation. Each year, she takes these students to the National Portfolio Day in Philadelphia where they have the opportunity to meet with at least 30 Art schools and Colleges. We strongly believe in making the best fit between student and college, so we work hard to be sure that our students find just the right program to continue in the art field of their choice.

Visual Arts News

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    Posted November 6

    Digital Design is a class where students get to use the computer as a tool for artistic expression. They lay out pages and take pictures as if they were working for a newspaper or magazine, learn about the interaction between typography and composition, create collages of their life and hobbies, devise animated gifs for the web, and do cell by cell rotoscoping over video that they themselves shoot. The computer programs focused on are, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premier. Check out their Tumblr page.

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