Donor Wall

  • The Goodman Family (Jacob '18)


  • Andrew Alpern '56

    Solebury has grown and evolved since I was a student living in the barn, but it was then and remains now a very special community of exceptional people.

  • Eric Berkowsky '95

    What a great school to change someone's life. Solebury changed mine and with support can for our next generation too.

  • Rob Mullin '08

    Ran into Scott and Peter recently. Reminded me of my great experience at Solebury and how imporant it is to give back. Keep the pirate ship afloat.

  • Angelo John Lewis (Emmanuel Lewis '10)

    Thanks for getting my son, Emmanuel John Lewis, off to a good start!

  • Annette Leibel Swain '61

  • Carla Zingarelli Rosenlicht H'40

    Because Solebury — or rather, Holmquist — was one of the most important influences on my life.

  • Robin Mamlet P'19

    It's just halfway through my son's first year with Solebury, and you've already made a difference. Thank you!

  • The Angle family (Tom, Marissa, Brooke, Matthew '15)

    Thanks, Solebury!

  • Marcia Durgin

    Tuition does not cover all school expenses and to keep our school thriving we need to support the annual fund!

  • Anna Vangala Jones

    When I came to Solebury, I was unsure of myself and afraid to make my voice heard and shine. I left with my short story published in the school literary magazine, multiple singing and flute performances at Coffehouse, Chorus and Orchestra concerts, graduations, and Trenton Thunder Games, and knowing I wanted to be an English teacher from my seven summers working at Solebury's summer camp and ESL program. Even more special-- I found classmates and teachers that I'm still lucky to call friends today. I hope to contribute in some small way so that other students can find themselves and their voices at this wonderful school. Thank you, Solebury!

  • Rashad Shabazz '03

    The experience of Solebury becomes more relevant to me each day of my life. I am grateful and thankful for the opportunity.

  • The Mott Family (Abby '15 & Alex '18)

    At Solebury, people see our children as they are and help them to where they want to go.

  • The Kish Family

    We are proud to have sent our son to Solebury, and we support the ongoing mission of this amazing school.

  • Carol Wright '16

    My father went here, my cousin and myself — building a family legacy.

  • Kerry Toole '07

    "Solebury School changed my life in so many different ways. I was able to attend an amazing undergraduate program, American University. Now, I am currently working towards a masters' in Addiction Therapy at Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies. I learned a lot from going to Solebury School and made friends that will last a life time."

  • Alliyah Allen '14

  • Olivia Hagerty '10

    "I donated because Solebury School is my family! Solebury provided me with a high school experimece that I could only dream of. I am still in touch with many people there and know that those friendships will last a lifetime. I also donated because I wouldn't have had the chance to go to Solebury if it wasn't for someone's donation."

  • Michelle Hampton Emery

    "I'm still Facebook friends with many former students at Solebury School from my time there as a young faculty member in the early 90's. I'm forever grateful that I spent my first years teaching at such a great place, it will forever inform my teaching and practice."

  • Carly Braff '12

    I #LOVEsoleburyschool... so why not :D

  • Ryan Goldfarb '09

    I love Solebury because it helped prepare me for life. Also, it is where I met the love of my life so I can never thank the Solebury community enough! Go Spartans!!

  • Peter Sohier '72

    I wanted to meet the challenge and support the scholarship fund.

  • Dave Kaplan

    Proud Grandparent of an incoming freshman.

  • Allison Stoklosa '05

    I donated because Solebury had a large part in my successes and in making me the person I am today. I hope this donation helps to fuel future minds and future passions for the sciences and provides the necessary encouragement in personal growth and self esteem for another young person as it did for me.

  • Christine Gale '00

  • Anders Simpson-Wolf '09

    "I donated because I #LOVEsoleburyschool."

  • Scott Eckstein

    Because Solebury helps young people become the best students and people possible, and because it has helped me grow as a professional and a person for over half my life.

  • The Moynihan Family


  • Sylvia Bors (Ilona Wilde '15)

    My donation is in light of my well balanced and remarkable daughter Ilona. She has had a wonderful 4 years here, in a nurturing and diverse environment that fosters independent thought combined with respect.

  • Sharon Vecchiarelli

  • Michaela Finley '14

    I made a donation to Solebury because my experience here was so positive, and because I wanted to honor my teachers. I am proud to be a Solebury Alumnae, and it was a gift to be taught by teachers that really care.

  • Ellen Cuthrell (Chris Cuthrell '18)

    So students can thrive in this accepting, environment.

  • Robert Stein '87

  • Piper and Adam Burrows (Emma Black '16)

    We believe in a Solebury School education!

  • Clifford Hill

    Personal interest in children's education

  • Kerry Soccorsi (Griffin '17, Aidan '17, Cameron King '15)

  • Rebecca Brady '13

    Solebury is the best thing that has happened to me!

  • Russell M Witte '07

  • Iano Sereno '68

  • Sonya Aronowitz

  • Felix Rosengarten '52

    To help Solebury continue to offer opportunities similar to the ones that I encountered many years ago.

  • Alison & Jim Berwick (Ian Berwick '15)

    "We are the bows and they are the arrows and we shoot them forth" Kahlil Gibran~ Thanks for being a wonderful place to land~ teaching lessons for life! Carpe'Diem The Berwick Family!

  • Steve Jeter '04

  • James Booth '11

  • Anne Hunt White '71

    I'm always happy to support Solebury!

  • The Skoroda Family

    Solebury School was the PERFECT school for our son; it allowed him to become his best self, encouraged him to try new things, to push the envelope, question and think critically. All while being part of a great community of students and staff. He's very well prepared for the next phase of his journey - college. Thank you!

  • Bill & Jill Slattery

    Thank you Solebury. Thank you! Thank you!

  • Rob McHugh

    "When I was growing up in the area, I always wanted to go to Solebury School. Better late than never!"

  • Brett Webber '85

    The mission, energy and spirit of Solebury School remain strong and it's successes grow. I'm pleased to continue to support Solebury both as an alumnus and as a trustee - supporting Solebury's Annual Fund is one of the best ways to guarantee that my own experience may be shared by others.

  • David "Mojo" Rynerson '73

    My experience at Solebury has shaped my own career in teaching and learning

  • The O'Brian Family (P '17)

    Faculty and staff - thank you for all you do to make Solebury School such a wonderful place!

  • Letitia Coburn '72

    Solebury was an inspiring and engaging school: it served to launch many of us on our personal and professional journeys. Many thanks to the administration and teachers who created this marvelous environment!

  • John Grady (P '14)

  • Laura Downs '03

  • Katie Kuhl '02

  • Ian Taub '96

    Solebury played an invaluable role in my education and development. My mother intended to leave whatever she could to Solebury when she passed but, unfortunately, it all went to medical bills. I intend to honor her wishes and do what I can going forward. I miss Solebury. I miss my mom. Both one of a kind!

  • Thomas Carugati '07

  • Cara Kane '96

  • Meghan Gallagher '01

    Peter Ammirati now owes me one actual Irish jig.

  • Camille LeBlanc '12

    Because Solebury is one of my dearest homes, and I am endlessly grateful for all it's given me.

  • Brett Webber '85

    I hope in this small way, I'm setting another example of how each of us can help to shape the world by helping sustain this very special institution and the students it serves.

  • Jen Perez

    I am giving because I believe in the power of education!

  • Anthony Pan

    I don't have nothing to regret at all in the past, except that I might've unintentionally hurt somebody else or something.

  • Vernell and Darnell Shabazz

  • Rashad Shabazz '03

    I donated because Solebury has helped me develop into the individual I am today. For that reason, I am grateful and thankful for the opportunity I was afforded. The school facilitated my growth by encouraging me to build foundations of courage, discipline, humility, integrity, love and responsibility in my life; it taught me the importance of having a panoramic view of the world. Solebury is me! I am Solebury!

  • Titus Morton '14

    My donation is in appreciation of the continued effort to ensure a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Jean Shaw

    Born here - raised here - graduated from here - came back here to work for awhile - have never left the place in my heart

  • Dickson & Deborah Sorensen (Luke '99, Max '02)

  • Adam and Terri Miller (Kyle Miller '16)

    We are so happy to be a part of the Solebury Community. Thank you for all you do to make our kids happy to go to school each and every day.

  • B.J. and Kevin Booth (James Booth '11)

    Solebury families never forget the school's profound impact on their student's lives.

  • Anonymous

  • Leanne

    Thanks for all those great teachers: Matt Baron, Dave Merola and Christine LeGall. Solebury is such a friendly society.

  • Lillie Rana '11

    Love the school and everything it stands for!

  • Howard and Nancy Alter (Sam '15)

    Solebury has given so much to our family. We want to help Solebury continue to be able to provide such a great environment and great resources for its students.

  • Simeon, Schlossberg '86

    Just thinking of Solebury.

  • Andy Gespess '73

    Hope to see my classmates at the 40th reunion.

  • Mark Denslow '87

  • Joe and Barb Palermo (Danielle '13)

    Academics. Community. Fabulous Faculty and Staff.

  • Margery Collins '63

  • Steve and Jill Goldberg (Taylor '16)

  • Peter Sohier '72

    I have mostly fond memories of my years at solebury school.

  • Rose Graham '80

    I support the quest of Solebury School's education being accessible to all types of learners and those from various economic and cultural backgrounds.

  • David "Mojo" Rynerson '73

    My career in teaching English has been inspired by my experience at Solebury. The friends I made at Solebury are still my nearest and dearest

  • Peter Gyergyay ('98-'99)

    Solebury was a life changing experience!

  • Regina Whitmer

    I'm donating in memory of a dear former colleague, Tek Talmont, who graduated from Solebury School many years ago. Tek was a wonderful man, funny and smart, kind and hard-working, and I imagine his time at Solebury had much to do with the man he became.

  • Cara and Peter Redmond (Ava '13)

    We are very happy to be a part of the Solebury community!

  • Joyce Bulifant '56

    Solebury taught me the joy of learning,and gave me the greatest gifts of my life.

  • Andrew Parker-Klimpel '06

    Solebury's teachers are what sets it apart!

  • Bill Frankenstein '60

    Quitters never win, and winners never quit.

  • Alan Donley '55

    Solebury helped steer me into a future of learning and loving. Solebury became family.

  • Valerie and Tad Evans '51

    This is the annual contribution we try to remember every year.

  • Judy and Robert Clarke (Alex '83)

    Solebury was a great place to work, and I only wish that I'd been a student there. We are glad our son, Alex, had that chance.

  • Vivian Francesco (Michael '15)

    I believe that in order for students to learn, they must first feel safe. This safety is rooted in learning to plant the seeds of tolerance,mutual respect,trust and peaceful communication and cooperation. I am thrilled to be able to nurture these seeds through a program of Peace Initiatives with The Peace Center.

  • Nancy Desfosse '97

    I donate because I don't know of another place with such a caring and supportive faculty and staff.

  • Nyhemia Thompson '11

    Solebury School does not only produce dreamers, but Solebury School provides students with the tools to make their dreams come true.

  • Matthew Katz

    I am donating to Solebury School because my years there represent the single most positive turning point in my life. I am hoping my gift will inspire some of my fellow class of '98ers to dig up a little spare change for their alma mater.

  • Aging Alum

    For a great faculty.

  • Bert Johnson

    Keep a song in your heart.

  • Scott Eckstein

    I'm not only proud to be a part of this community, but I'm grateful. The support, the opportunities, and the life it's given me have been a true gift.

  • Rachel Simon '77

    I so treasure my connection to Solebury. When I was a student, it gave me the respect, encouragement, and top-notch education I'd desperately wanted in public school. Now as an alum, it gives me friends who value diversity, independent thinking, and the importance of every individual. My life is so much richer because of Solebury.

  • Malcolm Ingram '06

    I loved both of my years at the Solebury School. Would do both of them all over again the same way.

  • Brett Webber '85

    Solebury was and is a great place and I'm honored to be an alumnus and a Board Member. I've been inspired by my experience at Solebury to be the change in the world that I hoped to see, and supporting Solebury is one of the ways to effect that change right now.

  • Ed Beemer '74

    Without a good education, in academics and in life, one is just guessing. It's nice to know the answers once in a while.

  • Suzanne Ives Cunningham '01

  • Elizabeth Kennerley '05

    My memories of high school are one of a kind and cannot be matched by any other school.

  • Tad Evans '51

    Have been contributing to Solebury for many years. This year is the 60th anniversary of our class's graduation, so a good year to continue. Several years when the report of alumni/ae giving appears, I've noticed that our class is almost always at or near the top in % of givers. Interesting!!

  • Patricia Chiono and Katherine Guthrie

    Phil made a difference in so many lives and Solebury made a difference in his.

  • Noelle Kennedy Masukawa 'H49

    Helping to nurture the Annual Fund feels sequentially maternal because, as a graduate of Holmquist's final year (1949), I sense an ancestral connection to its rebirth at Solebury (1950).

  • Bill Berkeley '49

    I have had a very long and close relationship with Solebury. In fact, I think I have become addicted. But, I have found that a generous contribution to the Annual Fund keeps my addiction under control. I know it will work for you too.

  • Anne Helen Hess '67

    Solebury is a unique institution. I enjoyed being a student there and a member of the Board of Trustees. I have fond memories and encourage other alumnae to help support this wonderful place.

  • Leslie (Sunny) Mitchell

    My thanks for the opportunities you offered my daughter, and to all the sons and daughters, now and in the future.

  • Jackie French '73

    Even now it's great to keep up with old Solebury friends on Facebook. We have been sharing old photos that really bring back those days.

  • The Trimmer Family

    Be true to your school!

  • David Rynerson '73

    Greetings from the American School in Japan, where my pedagogy is still influenced by my Solebury experience. Thank you.

  • Peter Ammirati '82

    My mama always tells me to do the right thing. Her name is Maureen, and she can be very convincing.

  • Diane Dauer

    Because giving is an act of caring. I like to put my money where my heart is. Every little bit makes a difference at Solebury, always did, always will.

  • Nanny (Leibel) Swain '61

    ¡sǝıɹoɯǝɯ pooƃ puɐ sǝɯıʇ pooƃ

  • Ezra Billinkoff '03

    Solebury is an incredible place, but it needs our support in order to continue touching so many lives.

  • Nancy & John Morrow

    Good Luck In The Future To All Solebury Students

  • Enid McDonough/Roger Green

    Solebury as a special place for one of our daughters (Class of 2004) and currently an amazing school for our youngest daughter who is there. We will continue to support your work throughout the years.

  • Anthony Porter

    I am proud to be a part of the community at Solebury School!!

  • David & Sally Owens

    Thank you Solebury for providing an excellent educational environment for our daughter, Hayley!

  • John Sadwith '68

    Solebury is a great place and by supporting it now I support those that have yet to find out what a special place Solebury is.

  • Janet Koin Dampeer '65

    Wonderful to see the continued growth of Solebury.

  • Ibby Meads '70

    Solebury is an amazing school! It gave me so much in only the one year I was there.

  • Karen and Brad Golden

    Solebury is a great school made up of fantastic people.

  • Michael Sienkiewicz '56

    It has always seemed that when one gives, good things happen. If Solebury grads don't give who will? No amount is too small and no amount is too large, it's a matter of what you can afford to contribute, and a little stretch of the amount isn't as painful as one might think.

    Solebury was there when I needed it, and as a graduate, it is my obligation to try and keep it there for the young.

  • Kathe Gregory '65

    I got an extraordinary education from Solebury and would like to give back with a contribution toward a scholarship for a student who can't afford the tuition

  • Martin Smith

    I give because it is a privilege to be able to work with the kind of students that Solebury attracts.

  • Thomas Cifelli '02

    I graduated from Solebury School and now I work here. I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Dell Sherk

    I support Solebury because it supports me.

  • Bob Stockton '58

    I never get any mail, so when something appears I like to respond.

  • Cheryl and Peter Serdaru (Alexandria '11 and Nick '13)

    We give because we care about what the school has done for our children. The teachers are awesome!

  • Annsi Stephano '58

    Since my involvement with Solebury spans nearly six decades first as a student, then a parent, and finally a trustee, I feel a profound commitment to help ensure that the school will continue to thrive for future generations.

  • Holly and William Mullin

    Our sons are doing well in college thanks to a Solebury education. We are supporting Solebury until they are able to do it themselves.

  • Paul and Laurie Babicki (Anastasia '15, Alexandra '17)

    As parents of a current middle school student, with another starting next year, we could not imagine a better educational and school experience than that which Solebury provides and embodies. The school presents an academic and creative culture which envelopes the students with a sense of "cared for" and "cared about."

  • Lori and Stan Jablonowski (Daniel '13)

    Solebury School is a unique and nurturing environment where students have the opportunity to succeed in any area of interest including academics, athletics, arts or music. Our son Daniel couldn’t be happier!

  • Pat and Wendy Ciccodicola (Eva '11 and Chris '13)

    Reasons for giving to Solebury School are numerous, but simply put - Eva and Chris love it - reason enough!

  • David Beckett and Jackie Syrop

    We are donating to Solebury to express appreciation for the faculty. It is the quality of the teachers and Deans that makes Solebury so special. Their dedication and respect for the individual have meant a great deal to us over the years, and is a lasting gift to both boys.

  • Vecchiarelli Family

    In gratitude for a wonderful community!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Solebury!

  • Laurie and Paul Babicki

    We cannot imagine a better school for our children.

  • Elizabeth and James Wavle

    We give to Solebury because the school provides a great education in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We are lucky that we can multiply our gift through our company matching gift program

  • Beverly Berkeley

    It’s my way of giving back to a school that offers students a well-rounded education while nurturing tolerance and acceptance of each other’s differences.

  • The Palermo Family

    Academics, Arts,Athletics, social interactions, with the focus of respect for all. We couldn't ask for more for our daughter in her life's education.

  • Faith Viland '56

    I have always had a passion for Solebury because it gave me the stimulus to learn. Bill Orick was my mentor and I shall never forget his willingness to help those who really need it.

  • Jon and Sue Wiedorn (Bryn '13)

    Because Solebury has provided the unique environment for our daughter to discover her passion and flourish

  • Jan Silberman Karzen '56

    In memory of Jimmy, a friend throughout our tenure at school and on those occassions when we could connect over the years. He will be missed.

  • Anonymous

  • Scott and Mary Bolenbaugh

    We are pleased to be able to support Solebury School. It is a wonderful school that offers a unique environment where students can feel respected and accepted.

  • Karl Welsh

    Solebury deserves to be a school that is properly resourced – that’s why I give!

  • Tom and Rebecca Wilschutz

    We believe Solebury School makes a difference in the lives of young men and women; we believe they make a difference in the world; this is a vision worth supporting.