In Kind Gifts

Sometimes people find that they have something that Solebury School might be able to use such as: furniture, computers, art equipment, books, food for events or school supplies. These in kind gifts can be wonderful additions to the school and help to keep expenses down. Sometimes, however, Solebury may not need something that is offered at that time. Please contact the school first to see if we can use the item. Your thoughtful gifts are always very much appreciated.

The advantage to the donor

You may be able to deduct your in kind donation as a tax deduction to a charitable organization. You, as the donor, are responsible for valuing the item. Items valued over $500 need to be reported on form 8283 on your tax return. Items valued over $5,000 must be independently appraised.

The advantage to the School

We receive items that we may otherwise not have been able to purchase.

If you have something you think the School could use, please contact Jennifer K. Burns at 215-862-5261, ext. 183 or .