Afterschool Activities

High school is a time of life where students should have the opportunity to try new things, to discover new talents, and to be inspired by new experiences. It is our goal that all students have the opportunity to explore as broadly as they wish during their time here, while also having the opportunity to pursue existing passions with vigor.

As such, sports and activities are an integral part of the school day. By getting to showcase talents each of us may have, by giving of ourselves so that a team or group can reach a common goal, and simply by spending time together, we gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of one another. The relationships this forges among students, and between students and teachers play a significant role in making Solebury such a strong community.

The afterschool program has a wide array of options so there is literally something for everyone. For those who love team sports, there are plenty to choose from. While a few teams play an independent schedule, most of them compete for a league championship each season. One of the things that is special about attending a small school like Solebury is the opportunities that students have. Whereas at a larger school, less experienced athletes likely wouldn’t be able to be part of a varsity team, at Solebury, all students can have this chance. At the same time, each year we have athletes who go on to play in college. For those who do not enjoy team sports, there are a number of other physical activities to choose from such as indoor and outdoor rock climbing, fitness and weight training, outdoor club, yoga, horseback riding, and several dance offerings. While they must do a physical activity for part of the year, students may also choose from theater, theater tech, newspaper, and yearbook.  If there is something you love to do that we don’t offer, we will work with you to structure an independent activity. Recent examples of independent activities include synchronized skating, swimming, and gymnastics.

Team sports, theater, and theater tech meet five days a week from 3:35 to 5:15p.m. Other activities meet Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays during the same hours. Middle School students may participate in many of the upper school activities, but they have other options that they can choose from as well (see Middle School Fun).