Clubs offer students the opportunity to discover and learn, to demonstrate leadership, to connect with students and faculty with common interests, and to help both Solebury and the larger community. There is a period each day where different clubs meet. Many of the clubs have formed over the years as a result of student interest. While many now have a long history, we never know what each new year and each new group of students will bring.

Adopted Students Group

In 2006-07, Solebury School students who have been adopted by their current families began a support group under the faculty direction of Diane Downs, an adoptive parent/sister/aunt. The goal of the club is to help students who have been adopted share their experiences and to provide them with whatever resources and support they might need.

Black Friday

Black Friday is an affinity group for African-American students. While we occasionally have open meetings where all students and faculty are welcome, predominantly, our goal is to have a space where we can discuss our experiences and feelings regarding being African-Americans at Solebury and in the United States in general. To promote cultural understanding, and simply to have fun, we organize several assemblies and weekend events throughout the year.

Book Club

Sharing a good book can make reading it an even better experience. Throughout the year, we will select titles to read. All are welcome to join in on the fun at any time. We’ll give ourselves some time to read (life is busy after all), and then we’ll get together and share our thoughts and insights. While we’re reading though, we’ll share some initial reactions through the online forum we have set up. Happy Reading!

Conversation Partners

The Conversation Partner program is different than other clubs. Rather than focusing a large group, we do most of our work in pairs. Each pair consists of an international student and a domestic student who get together a couple of times a week to discuss a variety of topics. One of our goals is certainly to give our international students additional opportunities to practice their English; however, the best part of the program is the relationships that develop and the understanding of each others cultures that results.

Diversity Club

While many other clubs on campus deal with specific areas of diversity, Diversity Club (or D-Club) takes on all aspects of diversity as its mission. Each week’s meeting has a different focus chosen by the club’s presidents. One week might be race, the next gender, and the next socioeconomic issues. In addition to our meetings, we will coordinate several assemblies, movie nights, and other events throughout the school year.

Intercultural Student Association

The Intercultural Student Association, (ISA) is a student-led group that organizes events throughout the year to promote acceptance and respect for cultural differences and to celebrate the cultural diversity of the Solebury student body. Students plan annual events, such as the Moon Festival, Asian New Year Party, Casino night, and various food competitions. All students are welcome to participate and to discover something new!


Politichat is an open discussion group that provides students with a forum to review and discuss the week's events in politics. The group has proved enjoyable both to students who want to better understand what is in the news, and to students who already follow politics and would like to share their interpretation of events. The group meets weekly on Fridays during M/M.

Prom Committee

In true Solebury spirit, our prom is open to all upper school students. Therefore, all upper school students who are interested can be a part of the prom committee. Work includes selecting a venue, choosing a theme, and arranging all the other details to make prom be the special night we all look forward to every year.

SEAC - (Solebury's Environmental Action Corps)

SEAC has a dual mission: 1) to encourage conservation right here at Solebury and 2) to promote an awareness of the environmental issues facing the world today and inspire the Solebury community to work to solve them. We bring in speakers and have events on weekends. We are particularly proud to have been the driving force behind the school’s environmental improvements over the last decade including improved recycling policies, the institution of composting in the dining hall, and the creation of a community garden.

Solebury Snow Sports

Solebury Snow Sports (SSS) is devoted to the promotion and enjoyment of snow-filled recreation. Organized by student leaders and facilitated by winter-loving faculty, SSS ventures into the Poconos approximately every other weekend each winter to enjoy the slopes. We also take one longer snow oriented trip each year. In addition to these trips, SSS also looks to instigate other outdoor winter fun like snowshoeing, snowman crafting, snowball engineering and more.


There are students here who are gay, who are bisexual, who are transgender, who are questioning. Some are “out”, others are not. At our meetings, no one is ever pressured to discuss their own sexuality or personal life. By coming to our meetings, you are not declaring you are gay, straight, or anything in between, you are simply saying you support our agenda. We believe that our presence on campus provides a level of comfort and assurance even for students who are not ready to come out at this point in their lives. Our goals are to make Solebury the safest and most accepting place it can be, to organize fun events for the student body, and to promote activism regarding LGBT issues. To accomplish this, we organize assemblies, gather groups of people to go to off campus events, and sponsor events on weekends and throughout the school year such as the Day of Silence.

Spanish, French, and Chinese Language Societies

The Spanish, French, and Chinese Language Societies are open to all students interested in exploring and celebrating the diverse cultures connected to the Spanish, French, and Chinese languages. These groups work together and individually to host cultural events, discuss current issues, and to promote Solebury's connection to the global community.

Ski Club Fun