Global Education Programs

Each year, several Solebury School teachers arrange exciting trips both abroad and within the United States to help broaden our students’ worldviews. The trips are usually planned to coincide with the shorter winter break and spring break.

"The trips to Quebec and France were great experiences. They were opportunities I never imagined having! Seeing the Eiffel Tower and interacting with French people expanded my enjoyment for the French culture and enhanced my use of the language. Quebec, though cold and snowy, was so much fun. The Winter Carnival was incredible! The food, the culture, and the experiences I had with friends on both of these trips made them memories I’ll never forget."
Annie Benjamin


2014-15 School Sponsored Trips

  • February Break 2015 Ski Trip (location TBD)

  • German Exchange

    In spring, 2015, Solebury School students will have the opportunity to participate in an exchange with students from Helmuth Hubener School (Stadtteilschule Helmuth Hubener) in Hamburg, Germany. Solebury students will travel to Hamburg and stay with German families during March spring break and/or host a German student in April. The 2013 spring exchange was a great experience and we are excited to offer this opportunity again!

    While in Hamburg, Solebury School students will attend classes with their German exchange students, visit Berlin, Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial, and go on a boat tour and walking tour of Hamburg. Solebury School will travel to Hamburg on Friday, March 13 and return on Sunday, March 22. Dates are not yet specified for the April exchange.

    This exchange will be led by Nicole Mount, Sarah Sargent, and Eric Soroka. Over the summer, we will send applications for the exchange and hold an informational session in the fall. Preference may be given to juniors and seniors, though all students are encouraged to apply. No German language experience is necessary to participate in this exchange.

    If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Nicole Mount, Director of Global Education Programs.

  • Spring Break Service Learning trip (location TBD)

  • Spring Break Adirondack Mountains trip (5-6 day trip)

  • Senegal Trip

    Solebury School is excited to announce their partnership with Where There Be Dragons to offer a trip to Senegal from June 8 - 20, 2015. Solebury's first educational experience in Africa focuses on the complex topic of international development through hands-on engagement and service learning as well as visits to NGOs and community organizations at both the grassroots and transnational level. Through lessons in drumming and dancing in Dakar, the nation’s capital, immersion in the slow pace of village life, and practicing speaking in both French and Wolof, students will have a chance to compare and contrast the many worlds that make up modern Senegal. This program will provide the forum for students to engage one-on-one with local people through home-stays and service projects and facilitate an inquiry into matters that inform modern day sustainable development while drawing in issues of gender, politics, and international aid.

    Where There Be Dragons has been a leader in cross-cultural education for over twenty years, and operating authentic cultural exchange in Senegal for ten years. Dragons operates many study abroad programs at Princeton University, including the Princeton Senegal Bridge Year Program. The Solebury trip to Senegal will be led by two Where There Be Dragons field instructors along with Solebury faculty members Nicole Mount, Director of Global Education Programs, and Helen Matthews, Head of the Foreign Language Department.

    We will be sending applications for the Senegal program over the summer and holding an informational session in the fall. Preference may be given to students aged 16 and over, though all students are encouraged to apply. Please contact Nicole Mount or Helen Matthews if you have any questions or would like any additional information.

  • Spanish Language and Community Service Trip to Nicaragua 2013-14

    Last year's nine day trip to Nicaragua provided students with an intense immersion experience in Spanish language and Nicaraguan culture, along with meaningful community service work. Students worked with the Spanish language school and community outreach center, La Mariposa, and stayed in the neighborhood of San Caralampio. La Mariposa is located in the pueblo of La Concepción. You can learn more by visiting La Mariposa’s website.

    During the week in Nicaragua, they spent a day at El Nisperal, an organic coffee plantation and research center. While there, students were able to take part in the harvest.

  • Solebury School Exchange with Campus Saint-Christophe, Masseube, FRANCE 2013-14

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    In March, 2014, two French teachers and their students took a trip to France. They began their trip with a weekend in Paris, and then take the train to Toulouse, where teachers and students led them to Campus Saint Christophe in Masseube. They attended classes and participated in activities on campus, and had the chance to explore some of the local sites, which included: The Basque country, the Pyrenees, and Toulouse.

    In November, 2013, we were host to 14 St Christophe students and their teachers.