Residential Life

Updated 7/15/20

The boarding school experience is a pivotal one in the life of a young person and we want our boarding students to have as much of that experience as possible and practical during the 2020-21 school year. With this in mind, we have already started our phased approach of bringing residential students back to campus for the upcoming school year, with smart and responsive protocols for interactions and living in shared housing that allow for appropriate interaction and socialization. These summer protocols are informed by the CDC Guidelines for Living in Shared Housing, among other resources, and will set the foundation as we open our dorms for this fall.

Some changes in dorm living will include cohorting groups of students within our larger dorms. In Walter Lamb, students will be grouped by hallway and in Holmquist by floor. Based on their size, our smaller dorms do not require cohorts. The cohorts will allow students to socialize in dorm lounges in smaller groups. Initial roommate pairings will be based upon when students arrive on campus and whether they quarantined on or off campus; pairings may change during the year based on dormitory needs for health and safety. Roommate preference forms were sent via email and will be used to consider roommate pairings later in the year. 

Sunday-Thursday Dorm Schedule

5:30-6:30 pm Dinner
7:30-9:00 pm Study hall 
10:15 pm Check-in 
10:45 pm Lights out  

This fall, Solebury School will launch a new boarding student software called REACH; this replaces Boardingware. REACH is incredibly robust, with the capability to monitor wellness reporting (this will be deployed to day students as well), as well as manage evening check-ins, activity signups, our dorm reward system, and much more. We adjusted our weeknight schedule slightly to meet the needs of our students. We do not anticipate offering a grocery store shuttle in the fall, but we are testing ways over the summer for students to receive groceries while on campus. In addition, we are adding additional microwaves and mini-fridges to the larger dorms for student use. 

Our activity offerings will be robust this year with an emphasis on on-campus and outdoor activities. When the weather does not allow us to be outside we will have indoor options while maintaining distancing. We do not anticipate taking off-campus trips in the fall.