Teaching & Learning

Updated 7/13/21

We are excited to return to the academic model which we feel best serves our students: in-person teaching in 80-minute periods which meet every other day

The keystones of our academic program lie in the relationships between students and adults, and in our belief that students should have access to abundant choices while maintaining a healthy balance in their life. Our daily schedule facilitates both of those keystones. This model provides ample opportunity for students to meet with their teachers one-on-one and dedicates specific times for students to enroll in two (or more) Arts classes. Most days end with a conference period during which students may meet with their teachers or advisor for help or guidance. With extended class periods on alternating days, students can focus on diving deep into their subjects instead of spreading themselves thin. Each night, students may have homework in only two or three classes so that they can devote thoughtful and meaningful time to each. 

Our faculty and staff are eager to work with students in-person again as we prepare for the fall of 2021. Be sure that your family has completed all of the registration requirements in preparation for the 2021-22 school year. 

Going forward into the 2021-22 year and beyond, it is our intention to return to being primarily an in-person school. Our faculty will return to campus to teach and while the infrastructure for students to participate remotely will remain in place, remote participation will not be available on-demand as it was last school year. There are two conditions where students may be allowed to be a remote student:

1) For the 2021-22 school year - If travel restrictions or a personal health concern relating to COVID prevent a student from coming to campus, or if environmental conditions make it that the school must change to a remote learning environment. 

2) For the 2021-22 school year and beyond - If a student needs to be placed on a medical leave or has a medical issue that will cause them to be absent for a substantial amount of time, a family may petition to have their child engage in classes virtually when they are unable to attend in person for an extended period of time. Contact Rick Tony for more information.