A Letter to the Community about the Loss of Rob Eichem P'18 '24

from Tom Wilschutz, Head of Solebury School

On Monday, February 1, Solebury School faculty member and Director of Athletics Rob Eichem P’18 ’24 was discovered in medical distress and emergency personnel were immediately called to his home on campus. He received treatment and excellent medical care, however, I am so sorry to share that Rob was unable to recover from this event. Rob passed away on February 10, 2021.  

A loss like this is a blow to the entire community and we grieve together. Rob’s connections with the Solebury School community are numerous—athletic director, teacher, advisor, administrator, coach, parent, colleague... friend. His relationships extended far beyond our campus as well. He was dedicated to Solebury School for two decades and inspirational in his dedication to his family. 

A memorial for Rob is being planned for June and details will be announced when they are finalized. In lieu of flowers, a secure fund has been set up for the education of the Eichem boys in Rob's honor and memory. You can find details HERE and make a secure donation. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated and the amounts of your contribution are kept confidential as it is the thought, not the amount, that means most. 

Please read Rob's obituary. He is deeply missed. I know you join me in offering support and strength for Rachel P’18 ’24 and her sons.