Remote Summer Programs

A Letter From the Solebury Day Camp Directors

  A Letter About In-Person Summer Programs    

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*Registration for all classes close the Friday before classes start*

July 20-24, 2020
10am - 12pm
$175 per student

Independent Filmmaking 

Learn to write, direct, film, and light short films like a pro for Docs, YouTube, or the Big Screen. Taught by Solebury School’s Film teacher Brian Pearson, students will develop a timeline, create a script, and then learn how to be resourceful and rely on themselves or close friends and family to perform all the jobs of a small film production crew including: Actor, Director, Camera Operator, Sound Person Gaffer, and Grip. At the end of the week each student will leave with a project they can be proud of! (Consultation with Brian is requested prior to class dates to verify what software and equipment are available to each student.) Rising 7th-11th grade  
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Songwriter Workshop

What makes a good song? What makes a good lyric? Trending in the music industry, songwriting workshops offer teens the opportunity to gather with a group to write songs. Taught by renowned musician (and Solebury’s own) Cathy Block, who has penned songs that have been recorded by icons including Diana Ross, Kool and The Gang, Al Jarreau, and others, students will be given prompts to write from and collaborate as they develop the ability to be a critical listener of established songwriters. Though not required, it would be most helpful if students have some familiarity with playing an instrument, particularly guitar or piano. Rising 8th-12th graders
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July 27-Aug 7, 2020
1pm - 3pm
$275 per student

Summer STEM Workshop

This class will explore the topics of Engineering, Robotics, and Game Design through a daily class session with a different theme each day followed by a daily challenge task for the students to work on until the next class session. If help is needed, optional office hours will be available each day and the instructor will be available for individual meetings by request. Students will get the opportunity to develop their engineering and mechanical design skills using a combination of materials found at home and online design software with options to accommodate the student’s home computer, laptop, or Chromebook. By the conclusion of the class students will design and demonstrate proof of concept of a final project of their own creation. This curriculum will allow any range of students from beginner to advanced to develop their engineering skills with a fun and individually designed project as the final result.

The workshop will be led by Dan Perez, an MIT alum and member of the Science Department who teaches both Science and STEM elective classes including Engineering, Robotics, and Computer Programming. Optional office hours by appointment in the morning. Rising 7th-11th graders
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June 22 - August 10, 2020
(Intro Meeting June 15 at 5pm)
No Cost - Open to Solebury Students, Parents, and Alumni

Broadway Book Club

Are you missing the performing arts? Would you like to discuss shows with other theater lovers? Join Solebury's Broadway Book Club! Each week we will watch, read, and/or listen to a new play or musical then get together on Monday nights to have facilitated discussions over each week's selection. We may laugh, we may cry, some shows will be a happy escape while others may challenge the way we think. Each week will be different to showcase the incredible and diverse offerings of the theater world. In addition to our regular weekly meetings, we will have additional artist talks or Q&A's with industry professionals! If you are interested in joining email to be added to the mailing list!