A Busy Spring Trimester for Engineering and Robotics Students

Solebury School's Makerspace has been especially busy this spring.

Our Engineering II class — supported by members of our Spartanbuilders Club — competed in the MATE Submarine ROV competition held at Villanova University on April 15th. The competition was described as "an event that challenges students to apply the physics, math, electronics, and engineering skills they are learning in the classroom to solving problems from the marine workplace. Mentors (teachers, parents, working professionals) are expected to limit their input to educational and inspirational roles and encouraged to focus on the benefits of the learning process and not simply on 'winning' the competition."

Our team won praise for their poise during their ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) submarine presentation. They are currently applying lessons learned from the competition to create an upgraded version of their submarine for a trimester final group project.

Engineering II has also begun a new project, creating marble roller coaster prototypes with Arduino-controlled electronic features.

As for our Robotics class, they are busy preparing for the upcoming Botball competition on Saturday, May 13. Our students have reconfigured iRobots to perform in the competition. We'll share results in an upcoming post. Wish them luck!