Prom 2017

This year's prom took place at the Hotel du Village with an Enchanted Forest theme. As is Solebury School tradition, all classes are welcome at prom, including groups of friends, those flying solo, and couples. This beautiful event — complete with favors and candy bar — was expertly planned by the prom committee:

Alex Babicki
Sam Benson
Kaileigh Fox
Cancy Han
Emma Kerrigan
Abbie Rains
Jess Randolph
Savion Simon
Arabella Taucher

Sam, Kaileigh and Emma were the creative geniuses overseeing decor. Jess and Abbie were our table card and seating gurus. The rest of the committee managed all other details. Dr. Jen Perez served as Prom Head; Shawn Wright is the Class Advisor. Chaperones included teachers Cari Nelson, Kirby Fredendall, Carol Hey, Peter Martino, Matt Baron and Diane Dauer.