Solebury Participates in the Johns Hopkins University Model United Nations Conference

From February 7th to 10th, Solebury School's Model UN students participated in the Johns Hopkins University Model United Nations Conference, along with high school "delegates" from around the country.

To prepare for the conference, our students were assigned countries to represent; they had to study that country, its political history, and draft potential conflict-resolution ideas. At JHUMUNC, students assumed the role of delegates and were challenged on their knowledge through international diplomacy simulations that often dragged on for long hours and required students to flex their networking and people skills. Some found themselves slightly out of their comfort zones, having to speak in front of large groups of people they didn't know. "It was hard to put myself out there," said Anna Schmidt '20, "but doing so helped create connections that were useful throughout the conference."

"My MUN highlight," said Becca Bozzo '20, "was getting to be a sponsor on a resolution and have it pass."

With prior Model UN conferences under her belt, Jane Wei '19 was selected as a Head Delegate this year. "I made lots of friends during MUN, and I worked very hard to write my resolution paper. I also gave a speech in front of more than 100 people to show my opinions. I love this event!" said Jane.

Over the weekend, a few students in our group managed to squeeze in a tour of Johns Hopkins University and check out Baltimore's Inner Harbor. On Saturday night, before the conference delegate dance, the group reconvened at Solebury's annual delegation dinner (this year, at an Afghani restaurant). The dinner offers a respite from the weekend's hectic pace and a chance to take stock of everyone's experiences. This year, the dinner led to a spirited discussion of next year's conference: how to deepen their research, hone their preparation, and make an impact the second the conference starts.

See photos of their trip below...