Solebury School Seniors Published in The Intelligencer

Journalism for Social Change is an upper school English elective offered during the winter trimester at Solebury School.

In this class, students learn how to report, investigate, interview and write like reporters. After mastering the basics of journalism, students are asked to choose topics that interest them, inspire them, intrigue them or make them wonder. The collective goal is to write thought-provoking articles to affect positive changes in the world.

Two students of the class — Kaileigh Fox '17 and Macio Sexton '17 — covered timely subjects in essays that The Intelligencer, a Bucks County newspaper, published during spring break. Click on each title to read the essay in its entirety.

"Why Has 'Millennial' Become a Bad Word?" by Kaileigh Fox '17

"College Athletes' Hard Work Should Pay Off in $$$" by Macio Sexton '17