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Constructing a “Better” Normal Together
Rashad Shabazz ’03

My faith in Solebury’s profound commitment to being “what school should be” and its pledge of respect for all individuals has not wavered. There still are and always will be more issues to tackle, and I am confident we can work through them together to continue to ensure our community connections stay strong and we deliver a world-class education to our students. Together we can construct a new and “better” normal.

For My Fellow Educators as We Move Forward Together
Gregory Lipscomb

In this moment, I think we educators have a powerful opportunity to impact the lives of our students, ourselves, and each other by creatively and thoughtful rethinking how and what we teach. Consider this: how can our course curriculums fully represent the diversity of human experiences and perspectives? In this moment, how can we make the Black voice more central?  It is not enough to simply include Black voices as I know many of you do…

Head of School at Desk
By Tom Wilschutz, Head of School

My God, has nothing changed?

I am a child of the 1960s. I vividly remember watching the riots in Detroit and so many other cities in 1967 and ‘68. I was young then and didn’t fully comprehend what I was watching, but every night I watched as city after city self-immolated, poor neighborhoods and black neighborhoods disintegrated. I listened as Bobby Kennedy tried to find some words of wisdom to share at the death of Martin Luther King Jr. I was devastated. And then I was devastated the morning I awoke to read of Bobby Kennedy’s assassination. And now this, another black man murdered by someone sworn to protect us...all of us, not just those who happen to be white. 

From the Circle - Week Three
By Tom Wilschutz, Head of School

Signature Memories. I suppose as we make our life’s journey we all collect them—those moments, seared into our consciousness, frozen in time. For me, a few key memories come to mind: learning of the Kennedy assassination and watching my tough-as-nails, battle-tested former Marine father, crying. Sitting in a hospital room, holding my firstborn, a son, throughout the night in the first hours of his life. And now, COVID-19 and an empty campus.

From the Circle - Week Two
By Tom Wilschutz, Head of School

Yesterday afternoon we had Assembly. This time-honored tradition of bringing everyone together—faculty, students, staff, even facilities and dining hall as schedules allow—goes back to the founding of our school 95 years ago. It has been called different things over the years, but it has always had the same goal: bring together the community to share information, celebrate accomplishments, have a laugh, and see each other’s faces. 

From the Circle - Week One
By Tom Wilschutz, Head of School

Today began for me like most trimesters: outside, greeting my students, with a few high fives. My typical query at the circle is, “how are you?” And the typical answer came my way, even this morning, “Tired.” (You have to be impressed with the amazing consistency of many of our teenagers: always tired.)

Of course, there is nothing typical about the start of this spring trimester, 2020.