A Prank Within a Prank on April Fools' Day

By School Counselor Julie Laing, M.S.

Last weekend as many of us celebrated Passover and Easter, I was at Solebury School on weekend duty.  What should have technically been “work” was actually a really fun weekend that culminated in the celebrating of April Fools’ Day.

Meg (Assistant Director of Admissions), Hanna (Librarian and Head of the Girls Dorm), and I decided on Sunday morning that we would “prank” the kids who were on campus. Together with Lorenz and Vinh, two of our boarding students, we came up with an elaborate plan to gather everyone on campus together, then Rickroll them (because the kids seem to think that’s a thing) and shower them with silly string. In the interim, we were going to run a mini-prank on Peter Martino (Theater Tech Director) and the dorm proctors. This mini-prank involved throwing marshmallows at them after luring them to Tom’s office with them thinking they were in big trouble... because why not? This is high school, after all.

The plan was set! But while I was taking kids off-campus on a quick grocery store trip, Meg and Hanna decided that I was just too good a target, and they flipped the script on me. Here’s me, getting pranked…


I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!

And shoutout to junior Jack Slomin for spearheading the really fun campfire and s’mores on Saturday night! Jack raised money for the firepit and built it himself, with help from a few friends, as part of his Eagle Scout service project.

The best weekend crew and some awesome kids made working last weekend really not work at all.

Julie Laing, M.S., has been Solebury’s school counselor since 2014. She lives in Doylestown with her husband and two boys, who found this video as hilarious as she did.