Updated 3/11/21

With more than 140 acres and 27 buildings on campus, our corner of Phillips Mill and School Lane provides ample space for our community to live and learn. Our facilities and maintenance team has undergone significant training on CDC protocols for cleaning and sanitization and the school has procured an appropriate stockpile of protective equipment, sanitizing supplies, and cleaning products to ensure that our spaces are healthy. 

In addition to our new Health Center, we have analyzed all spaces on campus to maximize both use and safety. The Herbert S. Boyd Dining Hall will be open for meals for students, with multiple lunch shifts during the week that will allow for adequate social distancing and individually served meals, as well as appropriate cleaning between sittings. The Dining Hall has designated pathways designed for appropriate traffic flow through the facility and significantly reduced capacity with appropriate seated spacing in the building during meals. 

There are designated outdoor learning and living spaces throughout campus, as well as specific best spaces for remote learning (“Zoom rooms”) and quiet study on campus.