Summer 2019 Classes

Solebury School's Two-Week summer Courses for Enrichment

  • For students entering 7th-12th grade, who meet program prerequisites
  • Class runs Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 2:00pm
  • Class tuition listed under each class description below
  • Solebury School students: If you are on need-based financial aid, please inquire about financial aid for the summer classes below.

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NEW: Study Skills Prep (June 24 - July 5; no class July 4)

This class is for students who want to get the most out of next year’s academic year by developing strategies to improve in the classroom without wasting time or energy.  We will spend time examining how we learn, how we can maximize educational opportunities and work on organizational skills. Moving beyond this type of thinking about thinking, we will use the process-writing approach to write a personal narrative, use reading strategies to break down a textbook chapter and then prepare for an assessment of it, and finally complete a science experiment and then write up a lab report.  Through it all, we’ll have fun, work collaboratively, and pull the curtain aside to reveal how teachers think, how different types of classes work, and how to maximize strengths. This class will be taught by Solebury School's Don Kaplan, who derives great satisfaction in mentoring students and helping them achieve their very best academically. Don has years of experience teaching middle school and 9th grade, specifically. He has worked in Solebury's Learning Skills Department, and he currently teaches AP U.S. History. 

Throughout this two-week, we will cover the following topics:

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Students
  • Memory techniques and tips for studying and learning
  • Note-taking skills
  • Effective reading strategies
  • How to study for tests, quizzes, and exams
  • Test-taking tips
  • Time management skills
  • Processed-writing
  • Crafting stories, short essays, and lab reports

Students will have the opportunity to practice all of the strategies we cover via group activities and discussion. 

Grades: any student entering high school
Prerequisites: none
Credit offered: none
Cost: $850 


Introduction to Engineering (June 24 - July 5; no class July 4)

Taught by MIT graduate and Solebury School teacher Dan Perez, this course will introduce basic engineering design methods and apply them to solve fun design challenges. Open to curious builders of all experience levels, we will use teamwork and creativity combined with technology, including 3-D printers and laser cutters to find solutions to a number of missions. Also included is a day trip to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia for the latest demonstrations in science and technology.

Grade: entering 7th-12th graders
Credits offered: 2 science elective credits
Prerequisite: none
Cost: $950 


NEW: Studio Music Scoring (July 15-26)

Are you interested in scoring music for film or video? Would you like to become familiar with Pro Tools software? In a course normally only offered at the college level, students will explore and learn about writing music for video and film, as well as the use of music to express visual and emotional imagery. Students will work on a state-of-the-art digital audio workstation (DAW) in class using Pro-Tools 12 software for writing and recording. To maximize engagement, each student will have their own workstation. This class is ideal for all musicians and/or students who have an interest in electronic music, and students interested in composing. It will be taught by Solebury School Music Department Head Cathy Block. Cathy is also a professional musician with decades of experience in and out of the recording studio. Class is limited to 5 students. 2 credits.

Grade: entering 7th-10th graders
Credit offered: two music credits (equivalent to 1 term)
Prerequisite: some music background preferred, but not required
Cost: $990 


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International Students

To receive credit for a course, you will need an F1 visa and currently be active in SEVIS to apply to our Summer Programs. TOEFL score must also be supplied. 

International students not currently active in SEVIS can take a course, but only as enrichment.  For more information, please contact Summer Programs Director Staci Freer at