Summer Classes

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Five-Week Courses for credit

  • Finish a full-year course in just five weeks, freeing up your schedule to take more advanced classes.
  • For students entering 9th-12th grade, who meet program prerequisites.
  • Classes are limited to 14 students each.
  • Classes run Monday through Friday, 9:00am - 2:00pm.
  • Cost for each class: $2,125 for day students. $5000 for boarding students.
  • Day students are welcome to join the afternoon activities program until 5:30pm, Monday-Friday. The fee is an additional $150 per week.

Chemistry (June 25-July 27)

This course engages students with topics concerning matter and how matter changes. We will discuss the scientific method, chemistry’s historical significance, atomic theory, the arrangement of the Periodic Table of Elements, and chemical nomenclature. We will focus on chemical reactions and their representation in chemical equations. We will develop the tools, such as stoichiometry, to analyze and understand chemical reactions both qualitatively and quantitatively, and practice these skills in the laboratory. Finally, we will study thermodynamics; modern atomic theory; the behavior of solids, liquids and gases; nuclear energy; and when time allows, we will introduce biochemistry in preparation for Biology. A traditional lecture format is used in this class, with supplemental demonstrations, group work, and discussions when appropriate. Throughout the course, problem-solving skills are emphasized and fostered along with writing lab reports. This class will be taught by Solebury School's Sarah Lanzetta.

Prerequisites: Algebra 1 and current science teacher recommendation.
Credit offered: 6 credits Chemistry upon completion.

Pre-Calculus (June 25-July 27)

This course is designed to further the study of trigonometry and its applications. Topics will include the unit circle, the six trig functions, trig identities, the law of sines, the law of cosines, “real world” applications of these functions, and selected applications in physics. Then, we will introduce functions and relations focusing on conic sections, exponential, logarithmic, and rational functions. This course enables students to move on to the Calculus AB course. Prerequisite: B or better in Alg II and Trig or permission of instructor. This class will be taught by Solebury School's Matt Baron.

Prerequisites: Grade of B or better in Algebra II/Trig,current math teacher recommendation.
Credit offered: 6 credits Pre-Calculus upon completion.

“I took a Summer Program class at Solebury School to get a head start, and I would do it again. The knowledge I gained from such an intimate environment and intensive course was genuinely worth taking a few weeks out of my summer.” —JACOB POTTER ’20

Two-Week Courses for enrichment

  • For students entering 7th-12th grade, who meet program prerequisites.
  • Class runs Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 2:00pm.

Introduction to Robotics with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® (June 25 - July 6; no class July 4)

This class will explore robotic design and programming principles through entertaining games and challenges. A day trip to LEGOLAND® Discovery Center in Plymouth Meeting, PA is included. While the curriculum will allow for beginners to explore the basics of working with Lego Mindstorms, the course is open to students of all levels of robotics experience. Challenging activities will be presented to students with greater experience. This class will be taught by Solebury School's Dan Perez.

Grades: entering 7th-12th graders
Prerequisites: none
Credit offered: none
Cost: $900 for day students / $2,050 for boarding students

Introduction to Engineering (July 9-20): THIS CLASS IS FULL

Taught by MIT graduate Dan Perez, this course will introduce basic engineering design methods and apply them to solve fun design challenges. Open to curious builders of all experience levels, we will use teamwork and creativity combined with technology, including 3-D printers and laser cutters to find solutions to a number of missions. Also included is a day trip to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia for the latest demonstrations in science and technology.

Grade: entering 7th-12th graders
Credits offered: 2 science elective credits
Prerequisite: none
Cost: $900 day / $2,050 resident

College Essay Writing Workshop (July 9-20)

You carry countless stories. Your memories, your experiences, and your thoughts are all inside you waiting to get out. During this workshop, we want to find those stories inside you that evoke universal ideas and emotions – joy, sadness, fear, truth, identity, wonder – and translate them into an epic college admissions essay. The focus is on making your college essay compelling, vivid, structured and meaningful. Limited to 12 students. This class will be taught by English Dept. Chair Sarah Sargent.

Grade: entering 10th-12th graders
Credit offered: 2 English credits (equivalent to 1 term)
Prerequisite: none
Cost: $850 day students / $2,000 boarding students

Rock Band Workshop (July 16-27)

Learn to play in a band, lead and rehearse a band, and discover what makes a good performer. All students will perform a live concert on the last day of class. Instructor Cathy Block has worked with and written songs for recording legends including Diana Ross, Al Jarreau, and Kool & The Gang, among others. Students should bring their own instruments.

Grade: entering 7th-10th graders
Credit offered: none
Prerequisite: instrumental proficiency preferred
Cost: $850 day students / $2,000 boarding students

Summer Boarding Program

Boarding is a chance to hone skills needed to be an independent learner and young adult. It allows students to live and study with people of varied interests, cultures, and backgrounds. And it prepares teens to be successful college students, adults, and citizens of an increasingly interconnected world.

Staff and Health Resources
Led by the Summer Programs Coordinator Staci Freer, who has been with Solebury School for 13 years, our caring and experienced staff consists primarily of Solebury School teachers who fully understand the needs of teenagers, particularly those who board. Staff will be on-hand to support Summer Programs students at all times, 24/7.

A nurse will be on campus during the academic day and on call 24/7 to oversee student health services and provide minor medical care on campus. Additionally, all staff are trained in first aid and CPR, and there will be a staff member on call at all times.

Afternoon and Weekend Activities
Each day after class, students take part in a variety of activities, both on campus and in the surrounding area such as a baseball game, laser tag, kayaking, and a trip to the beach. During the week, evening study hall provides a dedicated time for all students to focus on their academics. Weekends offer students the opportunity to explore nearby New York City, Philadelphia, and Princeton.

Students can enjoy our pastoral, 90-acre campus and our facilities during their free time. Dine on delicious cuisine in our dining hall, study in the Library, and work out in our modern fitness center. A pool and tennis courts are available on-site for student use. During free time, students can also play basketball in the gym on campus. High-speed internet access is available throughout campus.

All Summer Programs boarding students will live in Walter Lamb Hall, an air-conditioned, all-suites dorm. Each suite contains two rooms with two beds each; suite-mates share a bathroom. Common rooms both upstairs and downstairs include large-screen TVs, a ping pong table, two pool tables, and two foosball tables, as well as computers for common use. Laundry machines are also housed in the dorm and operate free of charge.

Daily Schedule

Boarding students8-8:45amBreakfast
All Students


Boarding students


Afternoon activities
Free time/town trip
Study hall
Free time / evening activities
Lights out


If you have any questions, please contact Staci Freer at or 215.862.5261, ext. 194.

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