Leap Into Boarding

Start your school boarding experience with confidence as you build the skills to live in a dorm setting. This program simulates the balance of boarding life and the academic experience to help you transition in the fall smoothly.

Solebury School is the ideal location for students to spend part of their summer learning, making life-long friends, and building confidence, resilience, and knowledge before they leap into their personal boarding school journey. With the primary focus on developing life skills to succeed in a boarding school, students will leave with more confidence and knowledge, all provided in a safe, kind, and caring environment in which each student can flourish.  

Dates: July 30-August 19, 2022
Grades: Rising 9th-12th Graders
Tuition: $3,900

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Boarding Life Emphasis

A dedicated residence life staff will provide the opportunity for students to experience a true boarding experience at a school that has been offering boarding for almost 100 years.

  • Low student to staff ratio 
  • Life skills sessions provide students valuable skills to live in a dorm
    • Topics include laundry, personal hygiene, roommate conflict resolution, balancing boarding and academics, personal responsibility, and basic cooking
  • Student leadership opportunities
  • Community service opportunities on and off campus

Academic Emphasis

This program provides the opportunity to prepare for core subjects & gain valuable study skills ahead of the school year with a dedicated academic staff.

  • Creative Writing: students will engage in the writing process to build confidence in their abilities 
  • Math: students will review math concepts from their previous math class and a recommendation of class placement will be sent to their school at the end of the session
  • Study Skills: students will develop and build on their study skills to strengthen their academic abilities
  • Electives: students will have the chance to choose from 2-3 electives based on their interests
  • Small class setting
  • Daily instruction in all subjects during the weekday, similar to a shortened school day
  • Students will receive feedback on their progress and details of areas in which they can develop their learning to encourage learning and progression

Activities & Trips

Students will engage in a variety of on and off-campus activities, similar to the weekend structure at boarding schools. Some activities might include:

  • Sports-based: Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Hiking, Capture the Flag, Mini Olympics, Ultimate Frisbee, Pool, Gardening, and Table Tennis
  • Arts-based: Arts & crafts, Fashion, Jewelry making, Photography, Dance, Acting, Talent Show
  • Life Skills-based: Cooking/Nutrition, Health & Wellbeing, Mindful Yoga
  • Community Bonding: Karaoke Night, Disco, Board Games, Movie Night, Campfires, Trivia Night, celebrating holidays
  • Trips: Princeton, King of Prussia Mall, Jersey Shore, Nighttime Baseball Game

Program Structure




Morning – breakfast (brunch at weekends)

Academic & study skills classes

Community service opportunities

Afternoon – lunch and snack

Life skills/Activities both high and low energy


Evening – dinner and evening snack

Opportunities for personal, community & study time

Boarding Bonding Activities


On-Campus Activities

About the Directors

Amy Ciafrei and Josh Sands are thrilled to lead the summer Leap Into Boarding program here at Solebury School. The Sands family collectively has over twenty years of boarding school experience. 

We are dedicated to providing each student with the executive functioning tools, metacognitive skills and academic strategies to prepare your student for a successful transition into boarding school. We are committed to creating a safe, kind and caring environment where students will be celebrated for who they are, while learning to value the differences of others. The Leap Into Boarding program will instill a sense of confidence and autonomy that will set your student up for success as they experience boarding school for the first time. 

Please feel free to reach out to Amy and Josh at leap@solebury.org