Green News

To better coordinate sustainability projects around campus, Solebury School is proud to announce we are creating a Green Team! The Green Team will consist of faculty members, students, staff, and senior administrators meeting regularly to discuss and move forward on sustainability initiatives. Its mission is to uphold sustainability via social, economic, and environmental facets of the community, which can be transferred across student generations to continue expanding the projects of SEAC (Solebury’s student-led environmental club). Taking a big-picture view of sustainability, the Green Team is a liaison between SEAC and senior administration.

The idea of the Green Team was born out of a need to better coordinate student-led sustainability initiatives with various stakeholders around campus (administrators, maintenance staff, etc.). SEAC students pitched the idea of a Green Team to head-of-school Tom Wilschutz, who approved the idea and offered suggestions to maximize its utility!

SEAC trusts that through formal sustainable leadership, Solebury will be able to realize our vision for a sustainable future and better support environmentally friendly initiatives on campus.