A Letter to the Community

June 2, 2020

Dear Solebury Community-

The racial injustices and polarization in our society have been demonstrated in multiple recent race-related incidents. COVID-19 has amplified and compounded inequities of race and economics. Grief, anger, and frustration have been evident around the region and country due to the tragic death of George Floyd and a string of publicized acts of violence against people of color.

The more we see the world through each other’s eyes, the better we can acknowledge our own privilege and leverage our influence to create positive change in the world. In this light, our focus at Solebury School is to continually evolve to support our students to be individuals who are both seen and heard. As we make clear in our mission, at Solebury there is an “inherent respect for differences, and we are dedicated to embracing diversity in an expansive way. The diversity of our community enriches our school and the experiences of our students.” Living and working with people of disparate backgrounds and worldviews enables students to value themselves and others, enhancing their ability to learn, grow, and achieve. We encourage participation in our affinity groups, Diversity Workshops, and assemblies so that our stories and individual journeys can be shared. Cultivating a community that supports and elevates each other is Solebury’s strength.

As I write these words so many in our country, and our world, are hurting and afraid. In the midst of this hurt, I remain hopeful and remind myself that I am a member of a community that is actively engaged in the hard work of diversity, equity, and inclusion. I am proud of the work we at Solebury School are doing to create a place where all people can come together, support each other, share their stories, celebrate our differences and instill in the members of our community the courage to step into the world and find their voice to confront racial injustice, all injustice.

I encourage you to read my blog for a more personal view on the subject. I encourage you to write your own blog, lift up your own voice, and lift up the voices of others. I look forward to hearing you.