Winter 2021-2022 Trimester

December 16, 2021

We have made it through the first half of the school year. Our community’s adherence to our health and wellness protocols and a 96% vaccination rate has allowed us to safely provide our students with the values, work ethic, skills, critical thinking, moral compass—everything they need to prepare them for life, not just college. 

We are committed to providing this in-person education while taking the steps needed to keep ourselves and our families healthy. With the rise of COVID-19 variants, infection rates, and hospitalizations in many locations around the US and the globe, our Health & Wellness Committee, with guidance from the school’s senior leadership team, meets frequently to evaluate current conditions. Our health and wellness plan is adjusted accordingly.

For the winter trimester, testing mandates have been increased to require weekly testing for participation in competitive indoor sports. Our mask mandate remains the same: masks are required indoors. Mask use is optional in residential dormitories for the people who live there or are dorm parents, as these are home spaces for our residential students, and during athletic competitions and theatrical performances. See our Health & Wellness section for more details. 

We have lots of gatherings and events planned for this year. The best way to stay informed about all dates from breaks to athletic events to theater productions and concerts will be to use this online calendar, found here.

As we look ahead with you to the rest of the 2021-22 school year, we keep in the back of our mind that conditions can change and require us to pivot and modify some, many, or all of the plans we have in place. If changes have to happen—well, we’re used to that now, aren’t we? Know that I will always communicate with you directly and as quickly as I can so that we may effectively partner and support one another and that these pages will be updated in a timely fashion to reflect any changes.


Tom Wilschutz
Head, Solebury School