Residential Life

Updated 2/3/22

The Boarding School experience is a pivotal one in the life of a young person. We have enjoyed returning to most of our pre-pandemic practices in our dormitories and congregate living areas for the 2021-22 school year, including off-campus weekend trips, resuming visitation between dormitory lounges, in-person dormitory gatherings, weekend visits to home and day student houses, activities, and more.

Masks will continue to be required in common areas in dorms and if you have a fellow roommate in your room. Visitation between dorms has resume.

Boarding students are permitted to leave campus for overnight visits on weekends (with permission, of course!). Any student who spends a night off-campus over the weekend must report to the Health Center for testing by dinner on Tuesday following the overnight.

Solebury School continues to use REACH, a robust student software application that assists in managing check-ins, activity signups, our dorm reward system, leave requests, and much more. 

Please contact Leah Hall-Hansen, Dean of Residence Life, if you have any questions.