Teach2Serve's Cohort Encourages You to Vote on May 15

The Pennsylvania primary elections are coming up on Tuesday, May 15, and Teach2Serve Cohort 8 is urging all registered Pennsylvania residents to vote. Residents in the 178th legislative district will be voting for a new state representative to fill the seat vacated by representative Scott Petri.

To find out who else is running and what their stance is on various issues, including reforming our gun laws, please click here.

Your vote matters! Sometimes people feel that their votes don't matter, but in these local elections, a candidate can be elected through only a handful of votes. So get out and vote and encourage other registered voters to do so as well!

—Teach2Serve Cohort 8
(Cohort 8 selected gun law reform as their theme earlier this year and has been working to inspire civic action on this issue.)