AP Exams 2018 Schedule

Spring AP exams are approaching. Please see the schedule below; you can find the full schedule on the College Board website.

AP students MUST attend (and bring a pencil to) one of our two AP pre-administrations this Monday, April 30, and Tuesday, May 1, during conference period at 3:00pm in the dining hall.

If you have any questions, please contact Director of College Counseling Tim Gallen at tgallen@solebury.org.

Spanish LanguageTue8-May8:00A, Adv, BPenney conference
Physics 1: AlgebraTue8-May12:00Arts2, C,confWrestling/Dance
English LiteratureWed9-May8:00Fac,D,Clubs,EWrestling/Dance
US GovernmentThu10-May8:00

C, Assem, B

US HistoryFri11-May8:00F,Adv,EWrestling/Dance
Physics C: MechanicsMon14-May12:00Arts1,CAbbe 8
Calculus (AB & BC)Tue15-May8:00D,Adv,EWrestling/Dance
FrenchTue15-May12:00Arts2,F,confPenney conference
MacroeconomicsWed16-May12:00A,Flex,AssemCarriage House 2nd Floor
StatisticsThu17-May12:00Arts1,D,confAbbe 4
MicroeconomicsFri18-May8:00A,Adv,BCarriage House 2nd Floor