School Profile

General Overview and Philosophy

Solebury School was founded in 1925 as a progressive alternative to the more rigid and authoritarian and educational systems of the time. We have continued on this progressive path, adopting many innovative programs well before their common acceptance in American education. Today we continue our tradition as a college preparatory, co-educational boarding and day school, enrolling 250 students in grades 9 through 12 on our bucolic 140-acre camps in the Pennsylvania countryside.

We encourage students and faculty to act collegially in the learning process and to form relationships based on mutual respect. Intrinsic to our philosophy is a profound respect for the individual and a rejection of conformity for its own sake. Each student is encouraged to think creatively, independently and critically, and to understand his or her responsibility to the larger world. While our style is informal, our curriculum is rigorous and prepares students for success at a range of colleges according to their best fit, including the most selective schools in the nation.


Contact Us

Phone: 215.862.5261
Fax: 215.862.3366
CEEB Number: 39-2955


Student Body

Although the majority of Solebury’s approximately 250 students come from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, in the past three years, students have come from 19 states and 12 foreign countries.

Solebury’s students take on leadership roles that are integral to the day-to-day functioning of the school: students run our twice weekly all-school assemblies; students serve with faculty on our Judiciary and Academic Committees; older students act as Peer Leaders and Peer Tutors for younger students; students act as Tour Guides for our admission department; students start and lead their own clubs and organizations (such as Red Cross Club and the Solebury Literary Arts Magazine). Students also participate in a wide range of competitive sports and other traditional activities. By mentoring students through these responsibilities, Solebury fosters maturity and personal growth in its student body.



Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools

Member in good standing of PACAC and NACAC



Solebury’s academic year is divided into three trimesters. The first ends in mid-November, the second ends in early March, and the third ends in early June. Class periods are 80 minutes each with additional time for labs. The last three days of each trimester are for final exams.


Academic Program

A minimum of 109 credits are required for graduation:

  • English: 24 credits (required each trimester)
  • Mathematics: 18 credits (through Algebra II & Trigonometry)
  • World Languages: 18 credits (3 years of one language or two years each of two languages)
  • Science: 12 credits (Conceptual Physics and Biology)
  • Social Studies: 12 credits (US History plus one other)
  • Arts: 6 credits (2 full years)
  • Health: 1 credit (waived if student arrives as junior, senior, or PG)

Electives to bring total credits to 109.

Each full-year course equals 6 credits. Every student must attempt a minimum of 27 credits each year or 9 each trimester. Note that these are minimum requirements and students are encouraged to go as far as they possibly can in each discipline. Those wishing to attend a competitive college should keep in mind that such candidates usually have taken Calculus, three or more laboratory sciences, and often a fourth year of a foreign language. At Solebury, students often have 132 to 156 credits at graduation.

11 AP courses are offered: American Studies (AP US History), AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP English Literature, AP French Language, AP European History, AP Spanish Language, AP Statistics, AP Studio Art, AP US Government & Politics and AP Physics or Chemistry (alternating years).

22 Honors courses are offered: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra 2 & Trig, Multivariable Calculus, American Studies Literature, Social Theory, Ethics, Debate, Economics, History Thesis, Environmental Science, Pre-calculus, English 9 & 10, Teach2Serve and four Senior English Electives.


Class of 2019 Testing Profile

There were 63 seniors in the Class of 2019. The middle 50% range of SAT scores are as follows:

  • SAT Reading/Writing: 580-670
  • SAT Math: 520-740
  • ACT Composite: 22-29



Grading is on a 4-point scale.

A+ (97-100) = 4.333 B+ (87-89) = 3.333 C+ (77-79) = 2.333 D+ (67-69) = 1.333
A (93-96) = 4.0 B (83-86) = 3.000 C (73-76) = 2.000 D (63-66) = 1.000
A- (90-92) = 3.666 B- (80-82) = 2.666 C- (70-72) = 1.666 D- (60-62) = 0.666
(D- is the lowest passing grade)     F (59 or less) = 0.000

Honors and AP courses are weighted. The bonus is not added to the course grade itself, but is added in calculating GPA. The Honors bonus is 0.333. The AP bonus is 0.666.


Class Rank

Consistent with our philosophy of education, Solebury School does not rank its students.



Solebury students are required to participate in three trimesters of a sport or activity each year. 


Global Education

With an emphasis on the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development, and as a member of the Global Educators Benchmark Group, students can deeply engage in global academic courses, cultural events, travel immersion and more.


Student Discipline

Solebury School  will report to colleges any disciplinary responses that result in suspension or expulsion during the student’s junior and senior year at Solebury School.  We will report the disciplinary actions that occur prior to the submission of a college application only when asked; any disciplinary actions that occurs after submission of the application will be reported to all colleges to which the student has applied.


Summary Statistics

Of the graduates in the past three years, 98% have gone to four-year colleges; the remaining 2% attend community colleges, pursue a post-graduate year of high school, or take a gap year.