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Phyllis Arnold P'12 '14, M.Ed.


Rob Arnold (Spouse)


Music / Dance, Science
Chorus Director, Science Teacher

Phyllis has been teaching music classes at Solebury since 1999. Her main instrument is voice so teaching chorus is her first love. She has taught music electives that include Music History, Music Theory, Intro to the Arts & Music, and Computer Music Composition. By teaching these classes, Phyllis hoped to instill in her students a love and understanding of various forms of music. Currently, she is the director of Solebury School’s general chorus and a select group, known as the Master Singers.

Before coming to Solebury, Phyllis was an opera singer for the Opera Company of Boston, Longwood Opera Company, Longy Opera Theater, the Opera Lab, and appeared as a guest soloist for many local orchestras. She continues to be an active performer in the Philadelphia area. She has taught and is still teaching music privately for over 25 years.

Phyllis has been fascinated with different learning styles for a long time. So in 2003, she decided to pursue an advanced degree in education. She found a wonderful program at Arcadia University with a concentration in special education. After completing the course work and student teaching in the Council Rock School District, she received an M.Ed. in 2006. When a teaching position opened in the Solebury School’s Learning Skills department, she was thrilled to accept. “

In 2019, she transitioned from our Learning Skills program into our Science Department to teach Biology and Honors Biology. Phyllis studied biochemistry as a premed major at New York University; she also worked as a lab tech at a doctoral hematology lab early in her career. She then pursued her other love, music, before teaching full-time, eventually earning a Master's Degree in Special Education and a second Master's in Reading and Literacy. In preparation for this new role at Solebury School, Phyllis spent the spring of 2019 as a student, recently completing bioscience coursework at Delaware Valley University. She has also been a guest speaker in our science classes, leading discussions on topics from vaccines to hematology.

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