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Dan Perez


Mackenzie Perez (Daughter)


Science, Engineering, Robotics Teacher

Currently, I teach Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Engineering I and II, and Robotics. I run our Spartanbuilders Club and Makerspace, and we participate in STEM-related events and contests throughout the year. In addition, I coordinate cross-curricular projects through the Makerspace whenever possible, including school projects involving 3D printing and laser cut materials. In the summer, I've taught Intro to Engineering and Intro to Robotics with LEGO MINDSTORMS, and I've taught science for Solebury School's Summer Day Camp. I have always admired the creative environment at Solebury that allows students to follow their personal development path.

If you were to visit one of my engineering elective classes, you would usually see students engaged in projects, building something with their hands or developing a concept with the help of computer design tools. A T-square and calipers will be on the table for measurement and scaling, and students will be photographing concept sketches scribbled on paper or the whiteboard to be archived in Google Drive for permanent reference. Depending on the season, there may or may not be copious amounts of PVC tubing and electronic circuit components scattered across the central working tables and possibly the floor.

Prior to teaching at Solebury, I worked in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, from processing metals and insulating films for computer chips at Motorola Semiconductor Products and a Princeton-area start-up company to researching the growth of crystal structures for computer chips at Penn State University. I frequently relate to my professional experience when addressing modern lab practices, especially in regards to data collection and communication of results.

When I’m on weekend duty at school, I like to take groups to science nerd events like the New York Makerfaire.

In my downtime, I enjoy participating in youth sporting and cub scouts events with my family. From coaching tee-ball and playing in “parents versus kids” fun soccer games to hikes and camp-outs, there is always something fun to do on any given weekend. If we ever get a weekend free we can always be found exploring an area museum like the Franklin Institute or any planetarium show we haven’t seen yet!

Recent professional development:

  • AP Chemistry Summer Institute workshop participant
  • Vernier science equipment workshop participant
  • MIT Science and Engineering Program for Teachers participant
  • Various professional development and materials processing courses through Philadelphia area makerspaces including NextFab and The Hacktory


B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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