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Sarah Lanzetta


Chemistry Teacher

In addition to teaching science, I'm the assistant coach for our girls basketball team, as well as track and field.

As one of the newer faculty, I’m still in awe, daily, of all that the Solebury community (students, faculty, staff, and families) offers in the way of support, kindness, and respect -- all while managing to offer a variety of academic, athletic, and artistic outlets for those willing to put themselves out there. I love that this community has not only welcomed me with open arms, but have wrapped those arms around my family (especially my children) as well. My entire family is proud to be a part of this community. I feel truly blessed to be in a place where relationship building and maintaining is a focus, where we don’t just know each other as one flat aspect like “teacher” or “chef” or “student” or “administrator”, but that we get to see and share so many more dimensions of others and ourselves.

In the classroom, I have enjoyed recent labs that involve chemical reactions. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing and hearing the students not only apply the concepts that we have discussed in class, but to ask deeper questions about the concepts while they are trying to anticipate the results of the reactions. It is exciting for them and me to see the students putting their academic skills of balancing equations and predicting reactions to use with the practical applications of measuring, making observations, collecting and interpreting data and then seeing their expressions as compounds change colors or temperature or give off gases.

When I’m on weekend duty at school, I like enjoying meals with our boarding students, traveling to NYC, going to movies, and visiting local favorites, like Assi Plaza, with our students. It is such a nice way to get to know students who I may not see in my classroom and to see my current students in “their” environment.

In my downtime, I spend time with my family, both immediate and extended. There are many hours dedicated to activities that go along with having young-ish children...soccer and basketball games and practices, birthday parties, biking, hiking, swimming, camping, skiing, and just hanging around with each other.

Recent Professional Development:

  • NSTA Conference in Philadelphia in 2015
  • AMLE Conference in Philadelphia 2017


Michigan State University (B.S.)
Holy Family University (M.Ed.)

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