Middle School Back-to-School Supplies 2017

English, History and Science

A one-inch three-ring binder with separate folders for Science, History and English. You will also need a way to take notes (either three separate spiral notebooks or one that has three dividers in it).

You will need a box of colored pencils that will be left in your history classroom.


You will need a folder and notebook for your math class along with a calculator. Pre-algebra does not need a scientific calculator, but all courses after pre algebra require a graphing calculator.

World Culture/ Foreign Language

You will need a folder and notebook for your language class.

General Supplies

  • It is helpful to have a locker shelf.
  • Various pens, pencils, erasers
  • Highlighters
  • Pencil bag to carry in your book bag. You should come to each class with a variety of writing utensils.
  • Pair of old sneakers to leave at school for gym. In the winter, you cannot wear outside shoes in the gym.
  • T-shirt and shorts to leave at school for gym