Middle School News

Exploring Communities Through Art

Our Middle School students visited the nearby James A. Michener Art Museum as part of a Social Studies lesson.

Middle School Field Trip to Baltimore

As part of an environmental science lesson, students sailed the Chesapeake Bay. They also navigated a zip-line/ropes course at the nearby Sandy Spring Adventure Park.

What's Blooming in Our Greenhouse

Our Middle School students grew beautiful Kalanchoe blossfeldiana plants from cuttings from a single parent plant.

The Middle School Farm-to-Table Project

Students presented their trimester of interdisciplinary work studying local agricultural history, the science of soil and land use, and the art of interviewing and writing.

Middle Schoolers' Gamelan Musical Performance

After studying Gamelan (the music of Indonesia) for their "Introduction to the Arts: Music" class, our students capped off the trimester with a performance for the entire school.