STEM Week 2018

Solebury School's math and science departments have scheduled the following exciting events, activities, and guest speakers for STEM Week this year! Seniors: If you are interested in pursuing a potential Senior Project with any of our STEM guests, please follow up with Math Dept. Chair Britta Milks or Science Dept. Chair Cari Nelson.

Sunday, October 21, 4:00-6:00pm

Free and open to the public, all are welcome to tour the sustainable tiny house that will be parked on campus all week for STEM Week!

Created in 2017 as a sustainable building demonstration at Delaware Valley University, Minimus is the vision of Melissa Matarese and was “brought to life by the hands and hearts of local businesses and volunteers.” The 240 sq.ft. home is powered by the sun and constructed of 90% renewable, recyclable, and re-purposed materials. It is now used as an educational tool for raising consciousness about sustainability in everyday life and to empower individuals to turn their dreams into reality.


Monday, October 22

E Block
Building Geodesic Domes with teacher Jen Perez
*This is a weeklong project culminating in a build on Friday.

E Block, Abbe 5
Landscape Design presentation by Amy Sanchez Hamilton of Bucks County Gardens

E Block
Financial Math discussion with Alan Sheriff P' 08 '16, Co-CEO of Solebury Capital

Field Trip
Crystal Caverns for all Chemistry students

Conference Period
Math Contest!


Tuesday, October 23

C Block
Tiny Home presentation by Melissa Matarese of Mesa Lifestyle

8th grade STEM Event

A Block
Pilot presentation with Wayne Fowler, formerly of the Air Force and Delta Airlines

Conference Period
Math Contest!


Wednesday, October 24

Field Trip (E and F Blocks)
Physics students to watch the Odette Building being moved to a new location in New Hope

E, F & Club Blocks
Penn Community Bank guest speaker

E Block
Careers in chemistry, chemical analysis with Riley Murphy '02, Technical Director at NMS Labs

E Block
Building Geodesic Domes with teacher Jen Perez

9:30am - 2:30pm
Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion field trip (Forensics class), with Forensic Entomology presentation by expert John Cambridge 

Tiny Home presentation by Melissa Materese of Mesa Lifestyle

Conference Period
Math Contest!


Thursday, October 25

B Block, Abbe 5
ER Physician guest speaker Linda Chaille-Arnold P'20

C Block, Abbe 5
Climate Change / Environmental Science presentation by scientists Andra Garner and Greg Garner

Arts 1, Film Studio
360-Degree Camera Presentation with Brian Pearson, Film Department Head

Conference Period
Math Contest!


Friday, October 26

E and F Blocks
Careers in Microbiology by Dr. Cynthia Keler '79, a professor at Del Val University

E Block, Abbe 2
Statistical Analyst presentation by Laura Hoesly

E Block
Building Geodesic Domes with teacher Jen Perez

E Block 
Tiny Home presentation by Melissa Materese of Mesa Lifestyle

F Block
Student Alex Rosenfeld '20 will discuss how he runs his own business buying and selling car parts, including the equations he uses for profit, cost, etc.  


Friday's School-Wide Event

Problem: Predict the total amount of food composted by Solebury School's dining hall staff
Solution: TBD!