AP Chemistry Summer Assignment

There are 2 summer assignments for AP Chemistry.


(1) Summer read:  Caesar’s Last Breath, by Sam Kean

DETAILS:  Please read the first half of the book Caesar's Last Breath and take notes. A one paragraph summary for each chapter #1-#4 is due at the start of the first class of the school year.  You are encouraged to read the entire text; the remainder will be assigned reading later during the school year.

(2) A set of summer review problems from our online textbook (See below for review and problems.  Text purchase not required for the summer but will be required in September. PC version can be ordered now, for the Mac version wait to order in September) 

DETAILS:  Answer the following questions on paper and submit on the first day of school.  SHOW WORK IN YOUR CALCULATIONS OR ZERO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN.

Chapter 1:  Even # problems from 2-20 (pages 153-157, 10 questions)
View Chapter 1
View Chapter 1 Questions

Chapter 2:  Even # problems from 2-30 (pages 232-236, 15 questions)
View Chapter 2
View Chapter 2 Questions

Chapter 3:  Even # problems from 2-24 (pages 285-288, 12 questions)
View Chapter 3
View Chapter 3 Questions

On our first day of class you will have a quiz covering these homework topics and a basic check on the reading.

--Teacher Dan Perez, dperez@solebury.org