Upper School

Solebury is a college preparatory school that develops students' capabilities by encouraging them to push themselves academically and to recognize that the easiest path is not always the best.

Our philosophy and curriculum are geared toward helping the student become a successful academic achiever and a critically aware citizen of the world. Toward that end, our classes are small; we average 11, so students are able to participate meaningfully in discussions and work closely with their teachers, who have regularly scheduled conference periods three days per week and routinely offer additional support at other times.

It’s hard to really know any school until you meet the teachers, because they are the people who breathe life into the curriculum and give the school its character. At Solebury, we have teachers who have been here virtually their entire careers and others who arrived recently. Whereas some schools recruit teachers from only one mold, ours have been drawn here for many of the same reasons as our students: they prize the opportunity for individual expression and value the creativity that results. What they have in common, however, is a commitment to continuing education, both their own and their students.

Steve Buteux
Associate Head of School

"Solebury's academic program is designed to make students fall in love with learning. All of my teachers do what they can to enable me and my peers to learn. I know they are sincere about wanting me to learn, and it's that smile I see on my teachers' faces when a confusing concept finally clicks in my brain. There are many programs such as Academic Committee, Math Centers, tutoring sessions, and conference time, all created to help every student be on top of their academics. I am pushed farther than I thought I could ever go. Each day, I go to class excited to learn." —JULIA OPPONG '11