Graduation Requirements

Upper School, Grades 9-12

A minimum of 109 credits is required for graduation, distributed in the following manner:

24- English (required each trimester)
18- Mathematics (through Algebra II and Trigonometry)
18- Foreign Language (3 years of one language)
12- Science (Conceptual Physics and Biology)
12- Social Studies (US History plus one other)
6- Arts (2 full years)
1- Health (waived if student arrives as junior, senior, or PG)

Electives to bring total credits to 109
Three trimesters each year of a sport or activity
Ten hours each year of community service

Each full-year course equals 6 credits. Every student must attempt a minimum of 27 credits each year or 9 each trimester. It is important to note that these are minimum requirements and students are encouraged to go as far as they possibly can in each discipline. Those wishing to attend a competitive college should keep in mind that such candidates usually have taken Calculus, two or more laboratory sciences, and often a fourth year of a foreign language.

At Solebury, students often have 132 to 156 credits at graduation.

For a detailed description of the academic program and course descriptions, please see the 2017-2018 Academic Bulletin.