World Language Placement Tests

Experience has taught us that world language programs differ greatly from school to school. Students often come to us needing to repeat a level of foreign language study; sometimes they are able to skip a year. To foresee either of these issues (and avoid any scheduling issues that this might create), students will need to take the placement test to enter the appropriate level as soon as possible.

If you want to enter a class above level I, you must take a placement exam. If you intend to enroll in French I or Spanish I, there is no need to take an exam. Click on the exam for the level you wish to enter (if you want to enroll in French II, take the French II exam). They are designed to take approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.


Rising Spanish II
Rising Spanish III
Rising Spanish IV/AP


Rising French II
Rising French III
Rising French IV/AP

All tests must be taken with no outside help, including dictionaries, translators, books, or notes. Using outside help on your placement exam will cause you to be placed in a level which does not match your ability, which will result in a very difficult year for you and/or a mid-year switch into the correct level. If you have questions, please contact World Languages Chair Helen Matthews at