Academic Support Programs

Academic success follows when we meet students on their level, and they feel safe, supported, and respected.

Learning Skills Program

To achieve their potential, all students need to understand their strengths, overcome weaknesses, and advocate for themselves. Our Learning Skills Program is designed specifically for students who have language-based learning differences. Students take mainstream math, science, history, and art classes; English is taught in a one-on-one tutorial and is specifically designed to address the student’s individual learning profile, to build on strengths and to bolster weaknesses in reading and writing. Learning Skills teachers also provide support for other classwork. Space is limited in this program.

Learn more about Learning Skills here. 


The Bridge Program

The Bridge Program helps students whose success is hindered by ADD/ADHD, executive functioning challenges, or difficulty expressing ideas in writing. Students take a full schedule of classes and meet with a learning specialist every other day in small groups of up to three to help them stay on track, complete assignments, and develop strategies to achieve the success their intelligence merits. This program can serve as a “bridge” as students transition out of the Learning Skills Program. For some students, it is a bridge from a different academic environment to Solebury's rigorous, college-preparatory program. For others, it connects a past of good intentions but missed assignments and incomplete work to a brighter future of confidence, competence, and pride in a job well done. Space is limited in this program.

Learn more about the Bridge Program here.


Math Support Program

Solebury offers support classes for students with diagnosed math learning disabilities. Students who have difficulty with math have the opportunity to enroll in our Algebraic Concepts 1, Algebraic Concepts 2, and Geometry Concepts courses to fulfill Solebury’s graduation requirement for mathematics. These small classes help students gain confidence and conquer anxiety, and may include multisensory teaching and appropriate technology.

Learn more about the Math Support Program here.


Support Resources for All Students

While the above programs offer a more formal and focused support system for some students, all Solebury School students have the following resources to help them thrive fully as students and young adults:

Faculty Advisors
Every student is assigned a faculty advisor who serves as mentor, advocate, and guide.

Writing Center
A resource for anyone at any stage in the writing process staffed with teachers to help you.

Conference Period
Time is built into the schedule four days a week for students to meet with teachers. 

Spartan Performance Academy
Strength and conditioning coaches help students relieve stress, build confidence, and inspire a love of exercise.

School Counseling
As needed, School Counselor Julie Laing, M.S. helps students work through problems, developing grit and resiliency.