Bridge Program


The Bridge Program helps students whose success is hindered by ADD/ADHD, executive functioning challenges, or difficulty expressing ideas in writing. Students take a full schedule of classes and meet with a learning specialist every other day in small groups of up to three to help them stay on track, complete assignments, and develop strategies to achieve the success their intelligence merits.

This program can serve as a “bridge” as students transition out of the Learning Skills Program. For some students, it is a bridge from a different academic environment to Solebury's rigorous, college-preparatory program. For others, it connects a past of good intentions but missed assignments and incomplete work to a brighter future of confidence, competence, and pride in a job well done.

Space is limited, and there is a fee for this program.


Department Head: Kristy Raska

Ellen Cutthrell P'18
Juliet Dillion
Kim McFadden
Tim Pure


AccomModation and Advocacy

Solebury will make whatever reasonable and appropriate accommodations it can to help students meet our challenging academic standards. However, that does not mean changing the standards themselves. The teachers in Bridge advocate for all students and help arrange for the accommodations that will best help them acquire and demonstrate the skills and knowledge taught in their classes. However, a key goal of the program is to give students the tools and the confidence to advocate for themselves, as they will need to do in college.



We would be happy to speak with you about our Bridge Program. Please contact the Admissions Office at 215.862.5261 or