Learning Skills Program


For decades, Solebury School has recognized that not all college-bound students learn the same way. Our Learning Skills Program was founded in the 1980s, a progressive endeavor for its time, and it continues to offer transformative experiences for students today. The program helps students achieve their potential through understanding their strengths, overcoming weaknesses, and teaching them to advocate for themselves. Throughout the years, Learning Skills students have been honor students, outstanding artists, star athletes, and student leaders at Solebury School.  

The Learning Skills Program is designed specifically for students who have language-based learning differences. It exists within our college-preparatory school structure, with students taking mainstream classes (math, science, history, and art classes) in addition to their LS work. English is taught in a one-on-one tutorial and is specifically designed to address the student’s individual learning profile, to build on strengths and to bolster weaknesses in reading and writing. Learning Skills teachers also provide support for other classwork. 

Space is limited, and there is a fee for this program.



Department Head: Kristy Raska

Ellen Cutthrell P'18
Juliet Dillion
Tim Pure

AccomModation and Advocacy

Solebury will make whatever reasonable and appropriate accommodations it can to help students meet our challenging academic standards. However, that does not mean changing the standards themselves. The teachers in Learning Skills advocate for all students and help to arrange for the accommodations and interventions that will best help them acquire and demonstrate the skills and knowledge taught in their classes. However, a key goal of the program is to give students the tools and the confidence to advocate for themselves, as they will need to do in college.


Application Procedure

The student's application file should include at least a two-year history of grades, teacher comments, and an IEP or a 504 plan (if they have been in effect during the previous two years). 



We would be happy to speak with you about our Learning Skills Program. Please contact the Admissions Office at 215.862.5261 or admissions@solebury.org.